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    thats was good!

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    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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    Dude I'm going to the Best Buy site right now and ordering 3.

    But no really, funny, funny funny............ Did I say it was funny. You my friend, you get the gold star for the day.
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    Hahaha I love Onion reports, they make it seem so real
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    Malformed ID? Link again?
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    Fixed. Sorry about that.
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    I needed that today, Thanks.

    By The Way, this report reminded me of all the stuff that I have bought over the years. I think I was that guy at Best Buy. No really I think i have been too many times. Give ya an example. I'm sitting here with the laptop. I have the HD tv going with the cable box. It's connected to a 3 year old dvd player that I paid 50.00 for. Still inside the Entertainment center along with this are a Sony cd player a JVC vcr and a JVC stereo that had been all connected to the stereo but have not been used in ages. I just pulled out the remote for this stereo. Good Gwad, what we put up with years ago. This thing has more buttons and key combo's then the cockpit of the space Shuttle. And all that stuff cost too darn much for what I'm doing now.
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    The Onion is a classic.
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    This MADE my day. Just sent it to some friends. And more than an ounce of truth in it, huh?

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    PRICELESS hahaha i cant stop laughing!

    i love how they make it SO LEGIT!
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    had me crackin' up! thanks for sharing!

    just put it up on another forum i frequent. good stuff haha
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    too funny!!!

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