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    What I don't get is why the Pre doesn't support more IM services. It uses the libpurple library to do AIM and Google Talk, and libpurple also supports yahoo, MSN, generic jabber, and a ton of other IM systems.

    Why deliberately cripple it?
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    That where the app store comes in, personaly i'd rather have AIM as a standalone app sometimes rather than being integrated into the messaging. It's missing many of the AIM features
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    I REALLY hope they support Microsoft Office Communicator.

    There is a mobile edition for Windows Mobile and Blackberry and I use my Windoze Bobile edition all day and it's great.

    Download details: Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2

    There are over 6,000 people at my company that use the desk based edition of Microsoft Office Communicator and many use the mobile edition. As soon as they hear of it they can't wait to get it.

    PLEASE PALM or DEV community, stick this app at the top of your list.
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    IM'ing is much faster than SMS as well.
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    Who will be the first to come out with a multi-IM client for the Pre?
    Pidgin clone?

    We badly need one.
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