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    Recently when I was scrolling down one of the pages in the launcher, I stumbled up on a new way to "dismiss" it.

    All you have to do is, when launcher is in view, you use your entire finger almost to swipe down (on the screen). So, scroll upwards. And, voila! Launcher is gone!

    I don't know if this is that great a "feature" but I thought its way more intuitive than swiping up to dismiss it.

    (if this is old news, my bad)
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    Also if you start from the very bottom of the Phone and just Swipe to the top it will open and close Launcher with each swipe. But you have to start from the very bottom below center button. I also have advanced gestures on as well.
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    So you can swipe the launcher down to get rid of it instead of swiping up again.
    It's always been like that.
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    all u have to do is swipe downward in the gesture area and it'll go away

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