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    Hey m8’s,
    So I think I’ve found an alternative to using the skins on the market right now, at least for those that use a Rockfish case. Right now I use the black Rockfish case from best buy. I got it a week after I got my Pre on release day. When I got the Rockfish case I put it on and used an iphone screen protector that I cut down using the original screen saver that came with the Pre as a template. It worked pretty well; a very small area of the face of my Pre was exposed. And of course areas around the speaker, camera & flash and around the USB port and door were left exposed as well. Let me say this, I like the Rockfish case a lot. I hardly ever take it off, and the included holster is great too. But unfortunately I had to exchange my first Pre for that sliding the Pre open and closed crashing thing. When I went to the Sprint store to exchange it for a new one I took off the Rockfish case. I was just looking it over and found something a little weird. Every where the case covered the Pre there were all of these micro scratches. What was even stranger was that the areas of the Pre that were not covered by the case were almost free of scratches. After looking at the case and how it sits on the phone I came to the conclusion that these micro scratches had to come from dust and other small partials getting in between the case and Pre and rubbing around. So I decided right them and there to order a skin. My only problem was I wanted one that would work with my Rockfish case. After reading a lot of posts and watching a lot of YouTube vids on instillation and reviews I settled on the Invisible Shield from Zagg. Only problem was that in all of my research I keep find users that said the Invisible Shield was just a bit to thick to use with the case and another user saying that you could only use the top half of the shield and only after you trimmed it down some so you could get the front case to fit right. As luck would have it a friend of mine with a Pre had an Invisible Shield installed on his. It was about three days old, so I tried to get the Rockfish case to fit over it. Neither the front nor the back piece would sit the way they were suppose too. So I canceled my order for the Zagg shield and started my search again. Then it came to me one night last week, I was working on getting a model airplane ready to be airbrushed. I use this film that feels and looks a lot like some of the shields I’ve seen online. Just a bit thinner and a little more stretchier. It’s called “Prepared Frisket Film” Here’s the link:

    Now I’m going to make this statement. This is IMO not for users that want to keep there Pre’s in the nude kind of look. It is for people that use some kind of hard case and either couldn’t find a manufactured skin that worked with your case or couldn’t get past the whole using water thing to install some of the skins I saw. Do to the film shrinking a bit after it sets the edges are left a bit exposed and a bit haggard looking.

    In theses two pictures you can see how the edges just don’t want to set in place and if they do they just move up just a bit from the edge of the Pre (see picture 1 below). Also a little side note here. The picture of the top of the Pre has had the film on for about 4 to 5 days. See how it’s nice and smooth and bubble free, as well as almost free of all that orange peel effect. It’s also very slick and feels like a hard coating not soft and sticky. In the photo of the back of the Pre I had pulled off the original piece of film and replaced it so I could have a picture of how it would look about an hour after I put it no (see picture 2below).

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    When I did mine I took off the battery cover, and cut a piece of film about a ¼ inch wider than the battery cover was. Make sure your cover and hand are oil, dust and dirt free of course. Peel off the paper backing and starting from the bottom of the cover and started smoothing it down with my fingers and a credit card. I paid a little more attention when I got to the Palm logo, making sure I got as much air out of the recessed lettering. Then I just kept working my way up to the top of the cover. You’re going to end up with a lot of little micro bubbles and some smaller ones here and there. Don’t where about them too much, after about two days they will disappear completely. Now with a sharp, thin bladed hobby knife and a clean micro cloth start smoothing down and trimming off any extra film. Do this all of the way around the case till you get it all smoothed out and trimmed. Let it sit for about an hour, then with the same hobby knife carefully cut out just the opening of the camera and flash opening. Just the holes, not around the silver trim but just the opening where the camera sees through (see 1picture below). Now for the speaker grill just find a needle or a finishing nail and use it to poke out each hole in the speaker grill. If you spin the needle a bit after you poke through the hole it will help the film set in to the holes (see picture 2 below).

    Backs done and with no water or cut outs to lineup. And it only took me about 10mins from washing my hands to applying the film, then a another 5 mins to cut out the camera and flash hole and poke out all of the speaker holes. To do the front it’s the same process. The only thing different is when it comes to cutting out the ear piece, microphone and the button. With the microphone I just used the same needle I used to punch out the holes in the speaker grill in back. I decided to leave the button covered but the same method that works for the ear piece should work for cutting it out to. Remember to cut out the little USB door so you can charge and sync your Pre.

    When you’re all done with installing the film you can put on the battery cover and simply snap the front and back pieces of the Rockfish case just like there wasn’t a skin on it. And your done, I’ve done this to Miss Philly’s Pre a buddies Pre even a Centro, so far so good. I don’t know how long this film will last, but after a week this is what the top looks like with and with out the screen on. The picture with the screen off shows how the film has settled into the microphone hole and the minimal orange peel effect it has (see picture 1 below) The other picture (see picture 2 below) shows what it looks like with the screen on. A little note is needed her. The screen looks a lot better with a HiRes picture as wallpaper. The one I got on my Pre there is a simple cut and paste one I made up in Windows Paint App. (My battery ran dry on my camera so I couldn’t take a better shot of a HiRes wallpaper.

    In the next two shots you’ll see the finished product. With the Rockfish case and film installed and all set in place it one almost completely disappears. The screen is supper slick with this film on and seems to hold up to scratches pretty good. It protects the surface of the Pre from any micro scratches that could be caused by dust and grit getting in between the case and the Pre.

    All in all I think the cost of this method of skinning my Pre cost me about an hour of my day and around TWO BUCKS!!!! Hope this helps some of you.

    (FYI... I'm posting this in afew other forums, so don't be suprised if you see it again.)
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    Great idea.
    Pre ---- ajk511
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    is there a belt clip for that case?
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    Looks good with the case on.
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    It looks amazing, really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turb0rexx View Post
    Looks good with the case on.
    First m8, Social Distortion!!!! Man that's back in the day. Love them, I remember one of my uncles taking me to see them way, way back in the day. It was the Mommies Little Monster Tour. If I remember right the bill was Bad Brains, Youth Brigade and Socail Distortion. " Momies litle monster dropped out of school, and moomies little monster broke all the rules....." CLASSIC M8!!!!

    To IMethos: It's the case on the Best Buy. It's a Rockfish case for the Pre. There are a couple of different colors avalibale. You just have to watch, not all of them come with a holster. There are ones that are priced at 20$ and ones at 25$. The 25$ ones are the ones that come with the holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turb0rexx View Post
    Looks good with the case on.
    And second...sorry I forgot, it's a quarter to 4am here. Late night at the watering hole. I was so going to do that on Wed. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWC_SouthPhilly View Post
    Hey m8’s,
    .... It’s called “Prepared Frisket Film” Here’s the link: Frisket Film ...
    Curious as to what thickness you used or would recommend. Great idea, btw.

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