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    With my first Pre, everything was pretty good for a while. I did have one small dead pixel which was black and although I did find it a tad annoying I grew used to it and as days passed it was not an issue. Later I found a little bit of light leak on the bottom left side of the screen. No biggie, you could barely see it anyway. I was however having problems with the device restarting. It would do it when I closed the slider sometimes, and other times just do it when it was untouched. This grew to be an annoyance so today I decided to return it. I was 1 day OVER my 30 day period but the dudes at best buy overrode the system and let me do it. I checked it all out in store, made sure the slider wasnt loose, it was pretty snug.

    When I get into my Jeep, i turn it on and notice light leaking on the bottom left, bottom right, and top right of my phone, not as bad as some other people here that have posted pics of it but its still pretty lame. I noticed a few dead pixels, but they werent black, they are light and can only be seen really on a black background, during normal usage they are almost impossible to see. Also the mirco USB latch on the new phone is A LOT harder to open than my old one, I had to sort of pry it open and I fear it will break over time, but I am not sure. Of course me being the smart person I am decided to wait until 8:30 to return my phone so they were closing as I left the store. So I could not go back to exchange it yet again. Although I never had issues with my old keyboard, the one on the new phone feels better for some reason. It has less give and more feed back than the previous one. Perhaps it could be from being brand new and not broken in? I am still debating on whether I should return this phone for another pre again, I will only do it if I dont have to pay anything and if its brand new.

    All in all I am glad I stayed with the Pre, yeah it has its fair share of short comings but it is also very advanced. I for one, embrace the advancement of technology with open arms, and from a software perspective this is a big advancement over my old blackberry.

    One big step for Palm users, one giant leap for smart phones.
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    I agree, people need to stop being so picky! Sure the pre has some hardware defects, but just be careful with it. The software is definetely where its at, especially me coming from WinMo..... webOS ftw

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