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    Here's the deal coming from other forums where it is common place to be asking for help on various things. I have noticed a huge trend of people asking for help but almost none of the thread starter coming back and concluding the issue with a reply indicating problem solved and letting everyone know who's post(s) solved the issue. The reason for this is to save people time if the issue is resolved then there is no need for anyone to jump in to troubleshoot an already solved issue.

    I'm one to read through all new threads posted (at least the original post) and if it is something I can help with I will read to see if the issue is resolved. If I see no reply indicating the issue is resolved I then read all the posts to see what has been tried etc and then see if I have anything more to offer in solving the issue. If I do then I post. Problem is i have done this once or twice only to see the original poster isn't following their thread or ignoring new posts if issue is resolved and didn't post to indicate so.

    However this isn't the most important reason to indicate that the issue is resolved and what post(s) or things resolved it. It is the other people who are having the same or similar issue who are searching the forum who benefit the most from the posts indicating the concluded information.
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    A subject line that describes the issue is also really helpful. If your subject line is clear, and an answer gets posted, it's much easier for people to use the Search on the forum to find the answer.

    Also, to be honest, there are enough useless threads that, personally, I don't read threads with uninteresting subject lines like "a problem" "complaint" "what is Palm thinking" etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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