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    Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue or a possible fix. When I try to adjust the System Sound volume, it doesn't work. The slider moves, but the volume never changes. After a reboot the placement of the widget on the slider is reset to the default (same with the ringtone volume, but at least this will change when I move the slider). I've had this issue on both Pre's I've had, so I'm assuming it's a general software issue. Rebooting the phone will change the system sound volume, but it's random -- sometimes it's very loud and sometimes it's so soft you can't really hear it; trying to adjust it with the slider does nothing.

    I have my Pre rooted and am very comfortable with linux, so I'm fine going in and editing a file if necessary to hardcode a higher system sound volume if anyone knows how to do this.
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    Also have this problem. Actually, not exactly. If I adjust the system sounds, the "woosh" sound never seems to change, or rather, it will randomly work sometime much much later (not always). I can't f igure out what actually makes it work

    to OP, Other system sounds seem to work. take your phone dialer for example.. max out out he volume, go dial. change volume, dial again. do you notice a difference? what about reloading the phone app inbetween volume changes/
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    actually, now w/ 1.1... if i reboot, it looks like it saves, but then adjusts the ringer to whatever the system volume was.. WTF.

    woosh sound seems to be determined on what you set system sounds to right before rebooting. have to reboot again to adj it. tho, this happened prior to 1.1 as well, but it was not consistent for me. I haven't tried enough now tho to compare.

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