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    A friend of mine had got a invisible shield for his Pre and I was pretty leary of getting one myself as it would change the feel of the phone. After awhile I caved in and bought one for my phone...after having it for three weeks I took it off today. Why? Well mainly because I sprayed some sunblock lotion on it at the pool this afternoon and couldnt get it off the screen for the life of me. So after talking with the guy at the store I decided to take it off myself. I was pleased that it was exactly the same as before putting on the shield as I feared it might leave some residue behind. I love how smooth the original surface is...and how there isnt any ridge on the side of the phone from the shield...all this to say Im thinking about not getting my invisible shield replaced.

    Anyone else out there with me?
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    Still on the fence which one to buy at all...
    Some old Axim (Dell) screen protector is doing the trick for me right now, and it works OK (until I have made up my mind and order some 'real ones').

    Sounds like you highly recommend the IS and will consider it accordingly...
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    get a phantom skin and u wont be able tell the difference btwn naked and skin.

    no orange peel and no tackiness
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    Thanks, sjjones. I'll sure check 'em out!
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    I've yet to find a decent screen protector. I just don't want to put any liquid in my phone.
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    I took off my Best Skins and just put on the Phantom Skinz and it is just like having nothing at all. It is alittle more fingerprinty than the BSE but overall more clear and smooth.
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    Using Phantom Skins too. It's working out great.
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    I switched from IS to Phantom this week and holy smokes, what a difference. Easier to apply (no problem smoothing it out) and MUCH smoother than the IS. It feels like the phone doesn't have a skin on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuhawksr1 View Post
    I switched from IS to Phantom this week and holy smokes, what a difference. Easier to apply (no problem smoothing it out) and MUCH smoother than the IS. It feels like the phone doesn't have a skin on it.
    That big of a difference huh? WoW...I'm on the IS and am not "real" happy with it.
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    Hey, I took mine off tonight as well. i like it because i know my pre is well protected. What I didnt like is the skin is thick and tacky so little specks of dirt will lodge in it and they hard to get out. Everytime i browsed i could see all the little specks of dirt. drove me nuts. has anyone heard of the clear touch anti glare? it says its 90% resistant to oil and its also pre cut for pre. or "pre cut"
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    Long time IS user and recent Phantom Skinz convert here....
    I must say that PS is extremely non-intrusive (that is it feels like its not there) while affording at least the same level of protection as IS.... Plus, IS is way too over priced, natural by product of all that marketing/advertisement...
    Not looking back and sticking with the PS from now on...
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    I used bodyguardz. I'm completely satisfied with it. I've used BSE and Invisible Shields before, but I wouldn't use them again.
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    Just ordered my Phantom skinz this morning and they already shipped!! Will let you know how they work when they arrive been hearing good things about them...
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    phantom skinz is the best, u wont regret it
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    So... Phanton Skinz seems to be the way to go. When I bought my Pre, I had best buy "expertly" install my IS. Overall, its great. But, there is orange peel and its not on 100% perfectly. I might order a Phanton Skinz protecter and give it a try. Easy to install for someone with little experience?
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    Those that say the phantom feels like it isn't there must have very touch-insensitive fingers. Phantom seems to be one of the best, but there is a little bit of tackiness compared to no screen. It isn't as bad as some of the other screens, and it's tolerable, but it isn't as smooth as going unprotected.

    The fingerprints aren't as noticable on a phantom as going bareback, and it has very little orange peel texture to it, but there is a tiny bit if you look close enough.

    I'm still thrilled with the phantom skin and I'm going to stick with it, but be aware that there is just a touch of tackiness. It's still fairly smooth, but just a touch less smooth.
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    I am using invisible shield mainly for the purpose of preserving the phone so that if I decide to switch to something else before my 2 year, I could sell it on craigslist.

    The product is amazing and I kind of like how its gives the phone some resistance, without it the phone feels almost too slick for me.

    it doesn't bother me really though, I've gotten used to it.
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    I've been saying this for a long time. The IS sucks period! I had it professionaly installed and I regreted paying all that money. Now I'm happy with the Phantomskin.
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    who has phantom skiz in stock right now? i got a ebay knock off and it had nothin but bubbles..the guy even sent me another replacement for free and same ive been going bare and recently added tep but am beyond the 30 days and ive been dealing with the slight oreo effect because no radioshacks had any pre's so i just said screw it..but now i have a few scratches on my screen and I have no idea how they got there..i baby this thing and always have it in the sleeping back or a belt pouch and one day like 3 small scratches and one long one that you can see when there is a white or gree (precentral webpage) i think the dead pixels ive had since i got it and the oreo can get me a new one BUT itl be refurbished so thatd the toss up..get a new (refurb) pre and have to re root it and get it back to how it was with no scratches and problems (ill make them give me devices till its perfect) and apply a phantom skinz orrrr suck it up and stick with my bare semi scratched up, dead pixeled, wobbly pre..hmmmm
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    Im using Bodyguardz brand and much like the Phantom Skins its wonderfully smooth and nearly 100% clear. I had IS on my Pre first and I actually liked the texture because it made it easier to slide open one handed with the better grip. I removed the IS because my install left bubbles... but the BodyGuardz went on like a champ.
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