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    Okay I am about to go nuts here...I am on my 4th Pre and I just noticed what I "think" is light leakage. This has not been on any of my other ones (of course when all other issues are gone, another arises...)

    l| |
    l| |
    l| |
    l| |______|
    l \__ o
    I know this is a crude diagram, but here is a rendition of what I'm seeing...the inner "u" is the main screen, then along the left side of my front, there is like a hairline light coming out where there should only be black and no light. It kind of creeps along down beside the screen and then under it into the gesture area a bit. Does this make sense?

    Anyway, can someone tell me what I'm looking at? Is this normal? Let me know. Thanks!
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    Anyway, can someone tell me what I'm looking at? Is this normal? Let me know. Thanks!
    I have it too on 3 of the 4 corners of the screen, but not as long as indicated on your diagram.
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    I received my second one today because my first has a similar problem that actually got worst over the near month I've had it (it started int he lower corner and creep ed up the entire side). My thirty days are up on Tuesday and I just got my new one all setup and well brought it into a dark room ... and guess what ... I have the same issue except on the right side now instead of the left like the previous one! I also noticed I have two stuck pixels! The first one actually had one stuck pixel but it was towards the bottom and hardly noticeable so I never thought much of it ... this one is towards the top in the middle so it is a tad more noticeable but really only when the screen is black or dark blue (like in Pandora). So I'm debating if I go for another swap out or just deal with it and perhaps down the road try to get Palm to replace it (after manufacturing has perhaps gotten better)?

    Ughhh ... love the phone ... kind of saddened but these seemingly odd issues that you would think by now would have been taken care of? This phone even had webOS 1.0.4 on it so I figured it must be from a really new batch!
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    i have this as well, it's just the edge of the circuit board. try and find a pic of the dissect pre, and you can see the same shape you outlined. nothing to worry about.
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    This is an honest question, so please don't flame me...

    Could it be the stock screen protector that is making it appear like there's light leakage? Only reason I ask is that I took my Pre into a dark closet to see if I get this same problem and it looked like I did. But after feeling in those areas, it was the edge of the stock screen protector that I haven't taken off yet ("fiber optic" effect?).

    Now this may just be a coincidence that either A) my Pre has actual light leakage and the films edge happens to be in those areas or B) my Pre has NO light leakage and I'm just getting the fiber optic effect with the film.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there. Either way...PRE FTW!!!

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