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    I haven't seen any water damage posts so I may have the dubious distinction of posting the first. I sat down on the arm of the sofa for what was going to be a brief few seconds to catch a piece of the "Daisy of Love" episode my wife was watching. Something funny happened on the show and while laughing the Pre fell out my right hand into the pint of Coors Light my left hand was holding. I now have a Pre that has a screwed up looking screen and an ear piece where the volume is way too low. Despite everything else still working, I am now waiting for my Asurion replacement to come.

    Unfortunately this is not the first time something like this has happened to me. Just a month earlier my Centro meant a similar end under mysterious circumstances at my Batchelor party. I was too hung over the day after the party to pay attention to my Centro. The next day I went to use it and found the screen looked cracked and some what burnt out in two parts under the crack. It took me a week to find someone who knew what happened. Supposedly it fell in a urinal and later in a bucket of water. I had to clean it off after all! At least that is what my friend Jack Daniels may have convinced me. Someone told me something about a bucket of water for unknown reasons being underneath a hand dryer. I have no memory of any such events.... fortunately. A week later I picked up a Pre on launch day instead of getting an insurance replacement.

    I had water damage to the same Centro a year earlier but the Sprint tech was able to resurrect it with a magic spray. That time was literally a nightmare. I was sleeping in a bed and in the middle of a dream my arm flailed, knocking over a glass of water on the table next to the bed spilling it all over the Centro that was there. I cannot say one way or another but it is possible that I may have been drinking earlier in the evening. After all, it must've been a pretty vivid dream.

    I've also had a Treo 600 take a swim in the toilet one night while I was, you guessed it drinking. More of the blame goes to my not being careful while reading a few emails on the throne.

    Before anyone gets the wrong impression regarding my alcohol consumption, I have also had a Visor, Treo 270, Treo 650 & Treo 700p, none of which has ever taken a swim. That PROVES that I am not an alcoholic. Never the less, my advice to all of you is...

    Don't Drink & Pre!!
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    I agree, I was drinking well I was drunk the other day showing my pre off and droped it put a nice little chip in the top slider peace. **** happends, just make sure you sitting down with no open containers of liquid around. A beer is ok as long as you cant spill it on the phone!
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    haha... sucka!
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    wow your never invited to my house
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    One night I was totally wasted, I passed out, through up all over my bed, and woke up with a chunk of carne asada on the screen of my blackberry lol. It drowned in my vomit. Screen was flashing white. The next day it turned on but the keyboard did not work. Rest In Peace Blackberry.
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    Me and Jack have disagreements every weekend. He usually wins.
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    Let's just go further off topic for a min...

    We all went out to a club. I was designated driver that night so my friends all got trashed. We came back to my place afterward to do a little more partying then crash (I have a condo in the city so It's near the clubs). We walk into the house and my friend Michelle (drunk out of her mind) trips over the threashold, falls into one of my my 100 LB stainless steel and glass speaker stands and smashes one of my surround sound satellites all over the floor -- only had the things for a month.

    Ever seen a grown man cry? Each of those four satellites cost me a couple big ones (no, not hundreds, add a zero). Michelle works behind the counter at CVS. Oh sure, she could go on the payment plan. She'd be able to give me about a quarter each week for the rest of her life.

    Hey what are you gonna do with one speaker missing? Cha-ching! My credit card company is LOVING me.

    Oh yeah! She was fine. Not a bruise on her. And doesn't remember a thing, or so she says. LOL
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    typical Flyers fan.....drinking! Go Pens!
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    i blacked out and woke up the next day to find I had dropped my pre, more than once apparently. =(

    its not too bad but yeah, dont drink and pre.
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    Note to self... Put the Pre in the safe before drinking...

    I paid full retail for it. I'm going to treat it like the holy grail for quite some time.
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    That's the problem, a Coors. Try Stone's Arrogant *******, now that's a beer
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    I got my replacement Pre in the mail today after having ordered it Friday. It came in a wonderfully unopened box with all the accessories and manuals (i.e. it is new). A paid postage return envelope was included to return the drunken Pre. The sweet thing is that the return instructions say to only include the phone. They specifically direct you to not include the battery or charger. So now I have a second battery, charger and headset. I checked Palm's website and the retail price adds up to $115. The insurance deductible was only $100. Sweet.

    Due to painful pinched nerve in my neck, I am presently drinking Jack Daniels and 7UP. I consciously put the computer keyboard in between the cocktail and new while typing this email. I AM LEARNING FROM MY MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!! :>

    ReverendRhino - wanna due a shot of Jack with me and then trail it with that Arrogant *******?
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    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    I only had one phone die as a result of being too drunk.. It was an old motorola flip phone a while ago... It was in my jacket pocket and it was positioned perfectly so that when I closed the car door, it got smashed. (and no, I wasn't driving drunk lol).

    I tried to close the door a few times before realizing my jacket was in the way. Woke up the next morning to 2 broken screens and cracks in the phone itself haha. What a painful death for a phone...
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    Thats good to hear! My pre went in the pool with me (in a tux) at a friends wedding over the weekend. I'm currently waiting on Asurion to send a replacement. The $100 for the phone will be easy compared to the tux I'm sure... I have Jose to thank for all this- he said to tell Jack hi.
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    Bob-C, have you ever met Bill W?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneAfter909 View Post
    Me and Jack have disagreements every weekend. He usually wins.
    Jack and I had it out when I was 17 and I haven't spoken to him since.
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    Geez all this drinking, smoke weed instead, no liquids or puking or falling down breaking stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowGod View Post
    Geez all this drinking, smoke weed instead, no liquids or puking or falling down breaking stuff.
    Cool then you could forget your Pre somewhere or even worse try to EAT IT.
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    My story wasn't with the Pre but a previous phone. I was out boozing and ended coming home, it was summertime, and decided to go out on the deck to grab a smoke. I opened up the door and stepped dead center on a roofing nail that was point up, right in the middle of the ball of my foot. The next day I am soaking my foot and have my phone in my lap and got up, not realizing that I had the phone in my lap resting until I stand up and see it drop straight down into the bucket that my foot was soaking in. Needless to say it didn't work after that. That was my Samsung picture phone...funny thing is that a year later for kicks I found it in a desk drawer, powered it up and it still worked and had the pictures that I took on it from a year earlier.
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    I guess not getting drunk is out of the question?
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