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    The Palm Pre chick @PalmPreGirl just started following me on twitter. I think I'm going to have to follow her back. Her tweets are kinda amusing. Here's a few highlights.

    "At first. It was funny. Then creepy. Then scary. Then funny again. Then just rather sad."

    "The orange people. Did the hokey-pokey."

    "Yawn. Good morning, Cuddles. Sylvester. Circling orange flock of freaks"
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    Her use of periods. For the staccato machinegun-burst sentences. ARE ANNOYING.
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    WTF. that is some weird ****.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Remedy1978 View Post
    WTF. that is some weird ****.
    +1 I'm with Remedy, She freaks me out.
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    Weird! Very, very weird.
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    uh......i guess.
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    Yeah, I'm going with that is strange.

    If someone like that were following me I'd be looking over my shoulder.
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    521 updates already means that she twitters too much. I usually unfollow anyone that does more than 6 updates a day...
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    just weird.
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    My guess she is still a virgin.
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    These pre commercials were very tamponish in style. Just go with the flow.
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    Enjoy your spam.
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    I'm guessing it's a script that just posts random sentences.
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    Turing Test. You're doing it wrong.
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    its probably the marketing dept doing this.
    # Name Palm Pre Girl
    # Location Trapped on a rock. Halp!
    # Bio Just some unaffiliated girl with a phone she doesn't quite understand, making willowy and wistful look good while surrounded by people in orange.
    then again, maybe someone trying to be funny.
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    Is she doing a William Shatner impersonation with all those periods in the middle of sentences?
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    It was funny for a few hours until she twitter bombed earlier and I had to block her.
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    Shes not using Tweed or Spaz
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    Quote Originally Posted by RonWood View Post
    Shes not using Tweed or Spaz
    Lol. She. Is. A poser.

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