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    black tamagoochi.jpg

    Remember the Tamagoochi virtual pet craze from the 90's??....If you were a kid or had children at the time then I'm sure you do!

    Well now I understand why I'm so attached to Pre!....I used to feed and take care of my tamagoochi egg but one day it ran away...Now he has returned and hes all grown up!!...welcome back!
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    LOL I had one too. Maybe this is a plan by Palm to attract customers....
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    Wow, I remember those things. I used to have a blue one lol. They were insanely popular for a while then just kinda faded away...
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    I love Gigapets more, but those are no longer here with us. R.I.P lol I have a pink Tamagotchi now
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    it doesn't have onscreen keyboard.
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    ...and no gesture area...
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    I actually call my Pre my Tamaguchi (sp?). My wife and kids just laugh...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    I actually call my Pre my Tamaguchi (sp?). My wife and kids just laugh...
    I was tempted to correct your spelling, then I thought that it might be like correcting the spelling on Poleee Pokeeeeeet or something. I just shouldn't know how to spell these things.
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    I had a pet rock. Wow I'm really old...
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    i stil have a green gigapets frog that I keep for a momento

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