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    Got a pre yesterday. A single dead pixel and minor oreo. However- the battery seems to be great and everything else works well.

    How likely am I to get a pre with no stuck pixels and no oreo on an exchange?
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    i got my pre like 3 days after the launch.. i have a minor minor oreo which does not bother me. i have like 1 or 2 tiny tiny dead pixels in the lower right hand side, you have to strain your eyes to notice them.

    i am 100% happy with mine.
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    I have, or rather my wife and I both have one. Mine is from the second batch of manufacturing (got it last week) and hers on launch day. Both are perfect! Of course, there are no popular threads where everyone posts how perfect their Pre is...
    Why can't the mobile device manufactures get that most want a touch screen and a front face QWERTY?
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    I got mine a couple of weeks ago.

    I had a problem with Google Calendar & Gmail syncing as I have posted about, but a simple deletion of said accounts, battery removal fixed that.

    The Oreo is very minor (moves only a couple of millimeters or so).

    I got a Zagg screen protector and i love it.

    Overall, there is really nothing wrong with my Pre that I can think of, just features i wish it had that i hope are in future firmware upgrades.

    But no dead pixels, no resetting, no major Oreo, and I even got my battery life to be pretty decent.

    I'm very happy with it so far.
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    Had one since launch day actually. Guess I'm just lucky like that
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    i also find that the touchstone back limits the oreo, and makes the phone feel much more solid.
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    I've noticed that everyone has a differing opinion on what perfect is... Some have very strict standards, while others are more passive. There has been a wide range of definitions for what constitutes oreo-effect, light leakage and stuck (not dead) pixels. I guess if you are happy with it, then great. Reading someone say "I have the perfect Pre" can have more of a psychological effect where you will be sitting there wondering, "what if... what if..."
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    3 pre's and still not perfect, but close.
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    I agree, the Touchstone back does add to Pre's stability. And recharging is soooo easy! You don't have to fool around with prying open the little "door" or pushing the charger end into the phone "just right."

    My 1st Pre - so far, so good.
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    I took my second pre back to the store yesterday, as the oreoing has gotten worse and there has always been a dead pixel. They told me they have been told not to replace any phones for oreoing, as they all do it - and that if the dead pixel doesn't affect the functionality (touch screen) they won't replace it.

    Of course, this was only after they found out it was my second pre, they would have replaced it without question within 30 days on my first.
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    My girl returned her's and got a pretty solid phone, but i am not keeping my hopes up.
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    I bought mine on the 1st of july and thought it was flawless but my slider is a little loose. Other than that it is flawless.
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    Did you try the dead pixel repair video?
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    The video works for stuck pixels only iirc
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    One thing to keep in mind is that you will see a lot more posts from people that have issues than from people that don't. I've had my Pre for a few weeks now. Overall I have had a great experience. No dead pixels or oreo. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones.
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    I don't think a Pre even exists without any light leakage, especially if the phone has been in use and is a little warm. A friend had a "perfect" Pre and then I showed him the Device Info interactive tests and the light leakage was quite apparent with the green color.
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    If you consider dead pixels an issue, it's going to be hard.
    I had one on my iPhone, two of my co-workers have iPhones and have them as well, it's just the nature of the beast for these types of screens and not really a Palm issue.

    Since I don't really consider that an issue, mine has been 100% perfect since day one.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    My pre is perfect. It moves side to side slightly if I twist it- but that's because I'm twisting it. The whole "oreo" effect thing is mostly bull**** posted by people that think a two piece phone should be as solid as a single-piece phone like a treo, bb, or Iphone. I'm sure there are a few people that have an actual problem with their phone being TOO loose, but, for the most part, people on the internet like to ***** and moan about something perfectly reasonable (like a two-piece phone moving when twisted- OMG!).

    As for the stuck pixel, give the video others have talked about a try. Good luck!
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    I bought 2 Pres on June 24. Mine had a single stuck pixel (not a big deal in my opinion) but after a few days the radio died - first EVDO, then voice. Got a replacement and it has been excellent - good battery life with a few tweaks, runs cool, good radio, good screen.

    My wife's phone has a bad proximity sensor. She is getting an i***** instead (she never bothered to even read the intro booklet and thinks the Pre is "not intuitive").
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