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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    You disappeared.
    I am still on my first Pre. No issues so far.
    Absolutely Love It.
    GBP! Good to know you're still around. I've been lurking a lot lately. A lot of meanies as of late.

    I'm really happy that your Pre is as good as mine.

    Roll of the dice apparently worked out well for us.

    I do know that there are real issues with the Pre. I have seen them in person. So I'm glad mine has been almost perfect.
    -Goatin' Ain't Easy-
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    Quote Originally Posted by oasis9389 View Post
    i also find that the touchstone back limits the oreo, and makes the phone feel much more solid.
    same here!
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    Got mine June 18th so its been over a month now. It has no pixel or screen issues, has only the slightest "twist" on the two pieces which is normal play (<1mm). This twist has no impact at all on my ability to use the phone. The slider has a very nice snap to it and feels great.

    Having had a touchpro first, I can say that the touchpro slider mechanism is better - it feels more solid and there is no twist. But the touchpro has the terrible windows mobile and is like carrying a brick in your pocket.

    I would take my Pre any day.

    I also suggest getting a full body protector on your Pre's. Since getting an invisible shield last week I am much less OCD about setting it down on any surface and I have a much better grip on it.
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    2nd Pre was perfect, like a whole different phone. I inspected it very closely before leaving the store. Don't give up 'til you're happy!
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    i had a launch day pre, then exchanged it a week after. then exchanged it again, now i have a white box pre that is almost perfect, but does that slider shutdown thing and the slider is starting to get loose. after going through 3 pres i think this is as perfect as i can get...
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    mine works perfect, no oreo effect, no dead pixels, phone apps dont screw up or give me errors, nothing.

    1st palm pre, got it a few days ago. i love it!
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    I have a launch day Pre. A couple of dead pixels but not in places where it annoys me. Occasional power reset on closing the slider, but not that often. Oreo effect about 2 or 3 mm which I could live with except that it seems to be getting worse over time (it was tight as a drum when I got it). Light leakage? If by that you mean a gap between the top and the bottom then yes...huge! Didn't used to be there, and now if I look hard enough I can almost see the circuit board!

    Finally decided to take it in on Saturday for replacement. Waited over an hour (but they were very busy and the rep was very apologetic about it) I was told that they would not replace for oreo because "that is a known issue" (seriously!) and the gap was to allow airflow to prevent overheating (that's original!). They were willing to replace for the dead pixel though. When she brought out the (one and only) replacement phone it was in a small box with just the phone in it. It had the clear plastic protector on it so it kind of looked new but I wasn't sure. I asked her if it was a refurb and she said the Pre is not old enough for refurb (implying that it was brand new) but when I checked it out it still had the oreo effect (worse than mine!) so I thanked her and told her I would hang on to my original phone for awhile longer.

    I wish I had thought to check the display phone they had for oreo. I will go to another store at lunch today and check that out.

    Can anyone please let me know....was I being fed a load of bull? How can I know (without them telling me) that I have a new phone and not a refurb? Mind you, I love my Pre and I am loathe to replace it because "the devil you know..." but I am worried about being stuck with a lemon for 2 years.
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    when i went in for my first replacement. i wasn't given a "refurb" i was given a returned pre.. that could be your case.

    i think i heard somewhere else that refurbs arent available yet, but idk.. by now that could have changed. that was a little while ago.

    im debating on exchanging mine right now too. ive got perfect everything except yellow discoloration at bottom of screen once in a while. sometimes not so bad, sometimes very obvious and pisses me off!!

    but being on my 3rd, im just so over dealing with everything and trying to convince myself just to hang onto it. but when it gets bad it bothers me bad
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    Have a launch day Pre and the build quality compared to some that I've read has been great. No oreo, no gap, no dead pixels, some blotching at bottom, solid sliding. I wa sa happy camper.

    Unfortunately a week ago I was unplugging the headphones and the earpiece was then dead. With some jiggling it returned but I went right to Spring Repair and "backordered" a replacement because I don't want to deal with this again and frankly the sound quality of the phone is not that great (so I figured probably due to a flaw)

    My real information and story starts today when I went to pick up the replacement that came in - it was really not good. Immediately I could see that there was separation between the two halves (when closed) that seemed to click together when pressed but the casing again seemed to be not snapped/closed together after sliding the phone open and closed. There was a discernible gap.

    Having read many stories, I immediately asked the store rep for another replacement as I didn't even want to tempt fate and accept this one. She was extremely nice and said that was fine, but that I'd have to again wait the 5 or so days until a new one on "backorder" came into the store. So frustrating, and I hope I made the right choice. Now I'm beginning to worry that my original launch day Pre build quality will be hard to match given all the stories I'm hearing.
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    I got 2 perfect Pres
    no oreo no battery issues no screen issues
    2 perfect Pres one for me and one for my girl
    wasn't hard for me
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