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    Web-based solution for Palm Pre iTunes dilemma | Web Apps News - Betanews

    "We feel it is very unfair of Apple to penalize Palm and its growing Pre community, and we hope our free application will provide a solution for users are now left in cold due to Apple's decision," said Dazzboard CEO Tera Salonen.
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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    Nice! I'll have to check this out... Now if they can just figure out a way I can fit my 30gb+ of music on my Pre....
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    That's easy. Orb. It's not perfect since you can't multitask since it's a browser stream that cuts out when minimized, but it allows you to listen to all of your music (I have about 130gb, most of it is really long trance mixes) without having to worry about the 8gb limit. Hopefully an Orb app will come soon and the browser streaming problem won't be an issue anymore.

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