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    I understand some people have issues with there Pre, but I wanted to leave a positive post. My parents wanted to go to Applebee's, after bringing them to the wrong restaurant, I used the GPS to find the location, and it directed us right there. And how much would Iphone charge me for this service?
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    Agreed. Plus, the GPS in the Pre seems to be more accurate than the iPhone. It always places me within 10 feet of my actual location, whereas the iPhone would often be up to a block off.
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    I was using my GPS yesterday via Google Maps and the Where app and wasn't very impressed. On Google Maps, it was placing my location about 3 blocks away from where I actually was while driving.

    Last night I was in Old Town Alexandria trying to find a restaurant nearby and Where wouldn't find my location. My gf's Pre worked better and she was able to pull some things up...but it took so long that we all just decided to walk and find something.

    In comparison to the iPhone, I was disappointed with it's precision, but maybe that's user error and something I'll work out. Or, hopefully, an update will resolve everything. It also made me realize that I really hope the makers of the Urbanspoon app will develop one for the Pre. I used that app a lot.
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    My experience has been mixed.

    At home, Google maps with the satellite view will not just show which house I'm in, but where inside the house I am.

    At work, it can sometimes be a block off. I think it is due to all the high rise buildings around my work.
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    I just used Sprint Nav for a 6 hour trip, and it worked amazingly well. Really quick on reroutes, finding points of interest, etc. I couldn't seem to get any traffic info from it, though.

    I find that the GPS on Google Maps is always off by about a block or two, even after a soft reset. Can't quite figure out why on that one.

    This is my first GPS unit (I decided to wait for the Pre and get it all together), and I've been pretty pleased with its performance, so far.

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