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    how do you create a playlist without itunes??
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    Songbird with the FolderSync plugin. All you need. You could do it with the Pre in "MediaSync" mode with the iPod plugin, but then you end up with the same disaster of messed up mystery folders just like iTunes. The better approach is to just create a "Music" folder, install the FolderSync plugin for Songbird, connect the Pre in USB mode and go crazy with playlists, syncing, etc. You end up with a neat, transparent way of organizing your music on the Pre, and can forget all about iTunes.
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    wait wait wait, so with this songbird program you can create playlists for the pre?

    Im reading over the above response but I keep on getting lost...

    can someone explain????? I NEEEEED playlists. Right now im using mediamonkey and its cool, but the lack of playlists is just a sore spot.
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    I Have the same problem. I need playlists and refuse to mess up my PRE with Itunes..

    Gonna go find this songbird thing and see where I get..
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    Ok, so I got Songbird

    Found FolderSynch.. not easy to find it IN the add ons list so you can install it,but I eventually did

    Closed/Reopened Songbird so FolderSynch would be seen

    Created a Playlist called MyTunes on Songbird

    Plugged PRE in, to USB drive mode, created folder on PRE called MyTunes

    Synched TO the PRE drive

    Stopped USB,

    Turned Pre back on, all the music is on the pre, but not showing me any playlists? Just now ALL my songs are available play in the Music player, but no folders or playlists show?

    What am I missing?

    and while Im asking, is there ANY way on PRE to add a folder, or other favorites to the main desktop? Other than some new app install?
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    for playlists you can continue to use itunes....just dont update it...

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