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    I really am weary about writing this out for this forum because of some hateful things written, but I have decided that my story may be of use to others who bought the Pre and have tried to exchange it in the first 30 days. Here is my story.

    On June 19th I walked into a Sprint corporate store and was told that they had a waiting list for the Pre. I then asked how long was the list and how long it would take for me to get a Pre. The lady had no answers to me, so I went to the a non-corporate Sprint Store where they ordered the phone right away and had it delivered two days later.

    On June 21st my phone came in and we activated it. Things were great with the phone for the first few days. The only issues I noticed within a week were light bleeding and two stuck pixels, neither of which was a deal breaker. About a week ago the earpiece started giving me static from time to time and made the phone almost unusable.

    On Friday July 10th I spoke with Sprint customer service and was told to bring my phone into a Sprint corporate store. I told them that I purchased it at a non corporate store, but was told that it didn't matter. The next night I walked into the corporate store and was told they couldn't help me.

    After leaving the corporate store I drove over to the store that I originally purchased my Pre. They said they didn't have any new units and would have to do an advanced exchange. Not knowing what this was, I agreed and was assured the phone that would come was a new one.

    Fast forward to Tuesday July 14th. My replacement phone came in an envelope and when I took it out the slider twisted quite a bit. I told them I wasn't going to accept it and they ordered another phone for the advanced exchange.

    Meanwhile, I was disappointed that the Sprint corporate store couldn't just give me a new unit and sent an email to the local feedback address. I was then called by the district manager who said he would try to get to the bottom of why the dealer wasn't giving me the new unit. He said the advanced exchange is a warranty repair service and should not be done in the first 30 days.

    After hearing this from the District Manager I called the store and spoke with their manager. He informed me that he had new units, but couldn't give them to me because I didn't buy the units from their stock, but instead ordered it from the Sprint warehouse. I told him that he needed to get me a new unit.

    Thirty minutes later I got a call that he worked something out with Sprint corporate to give me a new unit from his stock. I went into the store last night and received a brand new unit. The store had 5 new Pres and only one had a tight slider. The manager was nice enough to let me go through all of the boxes. My new Pre has slight bleeding, but no stuck pixels and no static. I am happy.

    While everyone along the way treated me very well, the policies of Sprint are frustrating. The dealer said he couldn't give me a new unit because it was ordered from a Sprint warehouse and Sprint couldn't give me a new unit because I didn't purchase the phone in their store. While I thought the dealer might be lying, he had to go through a 30 minute process to do a voucher to return it, so I think it just had to do with a lot of red tape.

    The bottom line here is that if you are in the first 30 days, they are supposed to exchange it for a brand new Pre in a retail box. The advanced exchange shouldn't be done. If they try to do this, then I suggest you get with Sprint corporate and make a complaint. I think more people than I must be stuck in this in between situation.

    Once again while I was a little frustrated with the run around, everyone from the corporate staff to the dealer did their best and eventually made it right. I can see that Sprint really is focused on customer service. I hope this helps someone.
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    Palm really should be doing better with the warrenty replacement no matter if the phone was purchased at a 3rd party store or Sprint Corporate.

    Thanks for posting.
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    I've had that same problem. On my first pre the screen stopped working and i took it in but they said they would have to ship me a new one, which took about a week and a half, but it was just in a small box not the original. That one had the oreo twist so I took that one back and its been about a week and it still hasnt come in the mail yet. If that one has a problem then I will probably do what you have done. Thanks for the imput.
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    Yeah if you call in and complain then they are inclined to give you a new one. I have also kept getting the reconditioned phones. I am on my 4th reconditioned phone now and have problems. Even though I am past the 30 days, they finally decided to order me a new one. I have a hunch that he is lying to me and this is also a reconditioned one. I will check to see if there is a recondition date on it to be sure of it.

    I am also tired of this, I have been lied to many times already. I can see it in the rep's eyes that they get pretty nervous every time I walk in. Next time I go in for my supposedly new phone, I will be prepared to point out all of their lies, starting from lie number one.
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    You bought your Pre from a non corporate store and are complaining about what the corporate store couldn't do for you? Where do people not realise that a non corporate store is not the same as a corporate? They follow under different rules...a non corporate store is the same as going to radio shack.
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    If you read above then you know that I was told by Sprint to go to the corporate store. That is why I was disappointed that they couldn't help. That is also the reason I sent the email and the district manager told me the policy and I didn't push it past that. My only dealings with corporate past that were for them to help me get a new phone from the non corporate store.

    Also, technically according to the store I purchased it from, I bought the phone directly from the Sprint warehouse and my credit card was charged by Sprint and not his store. So I guess in a roundabout way I did buy the phone from Sprint.

    I also don't buy the whole line that a non corporate store is like Radio Shack. This store is a Sprint only store, a repair center and is listed on the store locator on Sprint's site. If they listed every random Sprint dealer then I would understand, but they don't. While I agree it is not the same as corporate, surely they have more of relationship then a Radio Shack or other dealer.

    One last thing. Who is complaining? I am just letting people know what happened. I also said that everyone was nice and I was happy with their customer service. In the end I am satisfied and have nothing to complain about. I have a feeling others are going through the same thing and I thought I would share to help them out.
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    Unfortunately this is a issue with how Sprint treats their 3rd party stores. They insist we act/look like a corporate store, but don't give us the same options a corporate store has. When a 3rd party store orders a phone from the warehouse it is called Directship and the phone is treated as if it came from telesales, the 3rd party dealer is not able to do in-store exchanges on these phones.

    Many 3rd party dealers will bend over backwards to help you and in a lot of ways they are better than the corporate store as far as service and knowledgable salespeople, but Sprint also severely limits their ability to be truly full service.
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