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    This happened to me twice so far. I tried to enter a new email address for an exsisting contact and the Pre will not save the info. I enter the info in, swipe to the left to save, i can see the new email address but then it disappears. Same with an additional phone number with another contact. Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
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    You don't swipe left to save, you click done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 02589 View Post
    You don't swipe left to save, you click done!

    Every other phone app saves what you do except the contacts section when swiping left. Why they did that is beyond me.

    That is your issue OP.
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    I cannot add any new info for existing contacts either - even though I am doing it correctly. For example, when adding a new email address for a contact, after hitting 'done' the only email showing for that contact is the original, not the newly added address.
    Anyone else seeing this?

    EDIT: I CAN add that same new email address when I do it online in Google Contacts. But it won't work when done on the Pre itself.
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    hitting done doesn't save the edit info either.
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    I had noticed this with contacts coming from network sources: eg, Facebook and Google. I wound up adding another contact to the phone itself and then merging it with the existing contact. A little clunky... but I assumed that it couldn't add info to network acquired contacts because it essentially only "reads" them and cannot "write" to them. I've also noticed that you can't remove or relabel a phone number from a contact if it's in their FB info.

    But I love the fact that my pre grabs contacts from everywhere... and shows FB pics when folks call
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    So I decided to try Palm tech support. Turns out something was corrupt in my Outlook 2007. Tech logged on to my computer deleted my gmail contacts, synced my outlook to companion link then to google and now all is good and works awesome. I love this phone again....for now.
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    I don't think this is a bug - because if it is, it's a major one. If I can't add/change data from the Pre, that would be a huge step backward from my old Palm OS Treo 755p. Hopefully I am just doing something wrong or something easy needs to be changed to make this work.

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    To me same problem occured when I changed the language from English into German. When I swopped back into English, I was able again to edit , change and add contact data.


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