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    How about a stylus intended for the Iphone? Styluscentral has them.

    There is also a pocket clip version here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    Don't buy the Pogo stylus made for the iPhone. The Pre's screen is different from the iPhone's, maybe somewhat less sensitive. You have to press pretty hard to get with the Pogo stylus to get it to respond, and I'm afraid it might break the Pre's screen. I think the company is trying to develop one for the Pre.
    What evidence do you have to back this up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sothrowd08 View Post
    What evidence do you have to back this up?
    Personal experience. I bought one. If you don't believe me, find the manufacturer's web site, which says something similar.
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    Steel wool.
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    Dieter used something during his Q&A video right before the launch and it worked. I'm sure it was designed for the iPhone but cant tell you of you had to press harder or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nilemann View Post
    I think the best stylus is the one the Pre was designed for ... a human finger.
    Assuming the app was written to be used with a finger.

    Virtually nothing works well under Classic, for example, without a small tipped stylus. These apps were designed to be used on larger screens with a smaller tip. My finger simply does not work... and I have small fingers.

    Then there are the cases where people are wearing gloves. Or don't have fingers.
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