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    I don't use a touchstone
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    I'm gonna call bs here. Statistically, it isn't possible for you to be getting 5 defective phones in a row with the same issues of hundreds of thousands of phones in circulation. Call me a hater. Flame on.

    I dont know where you are getting your stats from but they are incorrect. I am on my 5th Pre and all previous Pre's had some sort of defect...mostly a blotchy screen. This one actually has two small blotches but they are small enough now where I can over look them.
    There is no spoon
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    you're every retailers nightmare...
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    why, because i want my moneys worth
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    I am on my third pre, and i was exactly like you all, but there comes a point where you have to ask yourself; is it worth it?

    I've had problems with all of my Pres, including the one I currently have. This one has some dead pixels and discoloration on the bottom left hand corner, but I am dealing with the hardware issues bc the software is just too good to pass up, and I would much rather the pixel problems that you cannot see the majority of the time, than the oreo issues.

    Sooner or later though, Sprint and Palm will wind up getting sued b/c of all the returns going on and not extending the 30 days. Can you say class action suit...
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    Quote Originally Posted by edbtzy View Post
    they deff do have things to work out. When i called palm support, they tried tellin me to send my phone in and PAY 40 DOLLARS to get it repaired. I told them flat out that i dont want my phone repaired, im not paying a dime, i want a brand new phone. But yet again, they couldn't help me out. so my only option is to keep gettin refurb phone and hope for the best or just drop this phone and get a blackberry

    The thing is, i LOVE this phone. but i cant stand all the defective models that im getting. Do they even check the phone before they ship them out?!
    i originally called palm tech support (call center in philippines) after owning my Pre for 5 days (got it on release day) due to a crack on the side of the device. I believe it was from the heat that the touchstone produced because the device didnt go back to its original docked (dark screen with clock n notifications) state after using some programs while it was on the dock. The tech support agent was extremely rude and even queried back, "if the phone got so hot, how come the phone didnt melt?"

    so after that i took it to the sprint store and got a replacement (the 2nd) after some checking the device by the techs.

    Quote Originally Posted by smacktoward View Post
    The only saving grace is that Sprint didn't give me any hassles when I returned each unit -- even when I came in with the second defective one, they had me out the door with a new unit within twenty minutes.

    Now that I have one that works reliably I love my Pre, but if my experience (and the original poster's) is any indication, Palm has some serious hardware quality control issues to work out.
    I had a slight hitch tryin to get my 2nd, they wanted to claim it as physical damage, and i told them that i babied the damn thing since i got it, the manager finally ok'd it.

    and YES, palm needs to get their qc in order, as the 2nd one also developed a crack, but from the USB port this time around. it even grew longer until it started getting on to the screen. so i made my way back to get a 3rd and that one had a larger separation in the top of the unit which made the vib switch crooked and also the oreo effect. i asked DITTER, the lead sales rep @ Gellert Sprint in Daly City at their location to have the unit screwed tighter, he says they did try and gave me the phone. i looked at it n it still looked the same, and i told him i didnt want the phone in its "flimsy" state. i asked him what he could do, and he said nothing they can do about it and that it doesnt affect normal functionality of the phone. i told him it wasnt normal as my previous two Pre's did not have the same issue. he kept goin on how it doesnt affect functionality of the phone (which it did because the ringer switch is not sitting correctly). in the end, i returned the phone and cancelled my service and went back to VZ. end of story. so much for trying to retain a NEW customer.
    unfortunately, Ditter (the 'lead' title is really nothing to think highly of) doesnt know what a defective device looks like and hasnt a clue about product quality

    no more Pre for me, build and material quality is extremely spotty. curved plastic is stressed too much already and allows for easy cracking when the device get warmed and cooled, and thats just on the touchstone. imagine if u leave it in your car on a hot day...
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    Bunch of primadonna's if I have to be honest.

    Whinning about 1 dead pixel, and some lame as made up 'oreo' effect ( DONT TWIST THE PHONE STUPIDS !!! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphemz View Post

    edit: there r some pre's that have "massive" oreo effects but there r some that r normal....go to a sprint store and check out the demos if they're the same as urs then ur good if not then b***h
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    Im not complaining about to oreo effect, i can live with that. But when your 5th pre still has discoloration issues all over the screen...then you will complain
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    DISCLAIMER: my pre has a bubble

    yea the oreo thing i'm not buying into too much either, seems people test the device and end up creating said effect
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    I've had my phone for a couple days now, and everything is going good. Crossing my fingers it continues, sorry to hear so many people with issues!
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    Still on my first phone. Works great, no discoloration. Even dropped it once. It got a very small internal crack on the side, (You can see the crack in the light if you hold it at the proper angle) but the crack didn't spread and the phone still works.

    I have the full replacement plan, but I'm not going to bother returning it unless the crack spreads. I guess I'm just not that picky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    I'm gonna call bs here. Statistically, it isn't possible for you to be getting 5 defective phones in a row with the same issues of hundreds of thousands of phones in circulation. Call me a hater. Flame on.
    I am on number three and have quit trying to get a "good" one because of the same issues over and over again and that was on new phones and not re-furbished ones.

    Coincidentally I have noticed you have lately been calling BS on people complaining a lot AND I have noticed you are also a Palm stock holder no?

    The Pre rocks, we all know that BUT we and Sprint also know that it has hardware issues and those things can't be fixed in many cases by an update. The OS is far superior to anything out there. We all agree.

    I have owned Palm devices and Palm smart phones happily and loyally for over ten years and have never needed airaves, dropped call credits, or to return my other phones because of cracked screens, bubbles, reception issues, shut downs, crashes, battery issues and the like. ..UNTIL the Pre.

    Whining about little things is stupid and yes some people are picky but my phones have had problems working as PHONES and that's a problem if I can't receive calls cuz they go to VM or the person on the other end can't hear me or the thing shuts off all the time.
    Last edited by jbrowland; 07/17/2009 at 02:39 PM. Reason: Correction: Make that Pre # four, not three.
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    Have you watched the stock? who wouldn't have bought PALM at $9.
    Besides the point, i call bs because i just don't get it, and this is coming from a person with a defective Pre (bubble). (are grid dots normal? i guess that's a defect? i dunno)
    But 5? in a row? i didn't say i'm backing it up with any facts, I'm just called bs. whether i was justified in calling it can be debated.
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    I'm on my fifth pre as well and I am awaiting palm's decision on what to do next. I have exchanged 3 times at the sprint store and I have accepted 1 refurb phone from palm. Every one of the pre's that I have received have had at least 5 or more stuck pixels(some of them as many as 10), light leakage around all 4 corners of the screen (looks like internal cracks with light shining through when viewed in low light), and some of them have had the white/yellow heat spots.

    Now, I have been with Sprint for 8 years and I have NEVER had to return a phone for anything. So I am not that guy that is incredibly hard to please. My last two phones were the HTC Touch and the HTC Touch Diamond. Those phones brand new out of the box on the initial purchase worked as advertised with no build quality issues whatsoever. That's how it should be the majority of the time, but if you do have to swap it out for whatever reason then you should be able to get a good device with no issues with a single swap.

    Let's face it guys, this is NOT Palm's first rodeo. They have been building device's for many, many years. The quality control/build quality issues are really unexcusable. I mean, if they were not having manufacturing problems then shouldn't the majority of us so-called picky people have gotten a near-perfect or flawless pre by now.

    My wife's unit is perfect, but those perfect unit's are few and far between from my experience. I love the phone and WEBOS, but I can admit when something is not right and the build quality just isn't up to par with the rest of the industry. I really think the reason why Palm has not publicly addressed this is because your average person just doesn't notice these types of issues.

    My 30 days is up so I am going to have to wait it out and see if Palm really wants to address this and get me a non defective pre. At this point I don't have a whole of hope that they can even if they wanted to. The build quality is just that bad. I really do hope the Pre 2 is a MAJOR step up in build quality.
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    Every Pre I have seen has some discoloration at the bottom that varys a lot from phone to phone.

    I guess the OP can keep getting new pre's, request that Palm lets him go into their warehouse and open and look at every Pre they have, or just switch to a different phone.
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    5th Pre? You're crazy. Stop being so anal.
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    i feel for ya.
    I swapped once for a new one at the Sprint store within 30 days.
    Easiest thing I have ever done w/ sprint
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    I agree I am on new pre 3 and the process was easy my phone now works correctly slider wise and no screen issues.

    I had to swap an omnia on verizon too when it first hit, first the battery for terrible battery life, then the phone for screen alignment issues.

    Now my omnia is great but I love the pre.

    Anyone wanna buy a great wm smartphone for verizon?
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