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    Hello everyone,

    I did not see an "Introduce Yourself" thread, so I hope it is OK to post here. I picked up my Pre yesterday at a local Sprint store in Portland, OR.

    I've been a former iPhone and Blackberry user. So far, here are my impressions:

    1. Settings need to be adjusted to conserve battery life. Already documented on this site by several users. I hope Palm can come out with some fixes or even extended batteries.
    2. I was able to set up my Exchange e-mail, calendar and contacts without a hitch! I was also able to Link Profiles with Facebook, great feature.
    3. The phone seems a little fragile to me, I'm picking up the Invisible Shield later today.
    4. Phone got a little warm, but may be do to Gmail wanting to synchronize. I have it set to manual, but I've read on this forum that Gmail will still try to sync. At this point, I'm not willing to remove the account as I use Gmail quite often.
    5. MMS - works good for me. I hated not having this feature on my iPhone.
    6. Call quality is good, loud and no dropped calls so far. This was the #1 reason I dumped my iPhone.
    7. Adding ringtones and wallpapers was a breeze.
    8. I did not update my iTunes and therefore I can still sync my playlists etc. I don't plan doing an update anytime in the near future or unless Apple forces an update.

    I look forward to learning more about my Pre. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the Tips and Tricks PDF, it has been very helpful.

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    Welcome to the PreCentral Forums!
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    Welcome aboard and I am glad that you enjoy your device!

    This place has a great wealth of knowledge, so look around and feel free to take in as much as you want! Particularly the Homebrew section, where Homebrew apps are being hatched and modifications are being made to make this device even better!
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    Welcome. This is a great community. Very helpful.

    You're only going to be happier as the days roll by knowing you made the choice to purchase the PRE!

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