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    I was just admiring the form-factor of the upcoming PSP-Go and it got me thinking about the possibilities for Pre gaming. The slide out keyboard and physical buttons will make many types of games so much nicer than on touchscreen-only devices. I have an iPod Touch, and it works well for games that control via tilt or touch, but some types of games don't work well at all.

    For example, a pinball game on the Touch requires you to hold it without your thumbs touching the screen and then tap the screen to activate the flippers. It's awkward and your thumbs block part of the view. When I hold my Pre with my left thumb on the [Shift] key and my right thumb on the [Sym] key it feels so natural for a pinball game. The balance of the device is great and the view of the screen isn't blocked at all. Press the space bar for nudge.

    Or imagine an SNES emulator where the QWAS keys are the D-Pad and OPL[Back] keys are the action buttons. The easier-to-hold nature of the slide open device and real physical buttons will make many, many games more enjoyable. And the Pre can still do "tilt and touch" games as well.

    I'm truly excited about the gaming possibilities of the hardware and I'm sure the development community won't let us down!
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    Playing games with a qwerty keyboard and no dpad is not much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    Playing games with a qwerty keyboard and no dpad is not much better.
    Actually, it is. Physical buttons > no physical buttons.
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    Love the addition of keyboard controls to the Pretris game. Much easier to play.
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    I agree 100%! having the keyboard will make games MUCH better. I also have an iPod Touch and do not really like the touch/tilt only screen control.
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