So I received my insurance replacement from Asurian (my pre decided to superman out of my pocket while on a high speed bike ride) and I noticed a minor change.

On my 1st 2 Pre's when you pulled off the battery door there was a yellow sticker that surrounded most the exterior of the plastic frame. On my new one it was no longer a sticker it was painted in a goldish color. Also I noticed that on the case that comes with it "Palm" is now embossed on the top of one of the cases. Neither of my 1st two had that either.

Just makes me wonder if aside from the superficial changes anything is updated under the hood? I can't say the build is much better as I had a slight bit of Oreo effect / gap which I was able to eliminate by tightening the screws. The silent switch is SUPER tight as in almost to tight to switch with the tip of a finger. I have to use a fingernail to switch it without struggling.

As an aside, Asurion sent me out a brand new replacement in the original box still sealed with the circle tape on the box lid. The instructions in the box said to only return the phone sans battery and all accessories. When I activated the phone with Sprint I double checked to confirm since I don't want to get stuck paying for it later on. Sure it cost me 100 bucks for the replacement but I got all my stuff squared so that's pretty cool and a nice little bonus. Takes a little bit of the pain of paying the deductible away.