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    If I mess with the data mode such as putting it on EVDO only then could miss calls. So what option are you suggesting?
    1xRTT, EV DO, EV DO Rev 0, Hybrid Rev 0 and Hybrid Rev A are data only. Has nothing to do with voice calls.

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    If you put it in EVDO, EVDO Rev 0 only you'll miss your calls/texts.

    1x is phone and slow data.

    Hybrid modes are both 1x/EV and will switch off data when call comes thru.

    This is standard behavior across ALL CDMA devices. Seems some folks with the pre are new to smart phones and some have been hacking smart phones for years and already know this information. Tho it's a "competitor" product, for a lot of in-depth CDMA info, hacks, etc, should browse PPCGeeks forum and read up on what all the options are. They discuss these changes, SCI changes, etc there and what you should NOT touch.

    Basically, it breaks down as this:

    IF You are in a great signal area, leave it in hybrid modes.
    IF you don't care about using your phone as a phone, switch to EVDO only.
    IF you want great battery life but don't care about highspeed data (OR use WIFI only for faster data) lock it in at 1x.
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    I just put mine in "EVDO REV 0 Only" and made a voice call???
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrHeathenScum View Post
    I just put mine in "EVDO REV 0 Only" and made a voice call???
    try receiving one
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    how about that s#!t... incoming calls go to VM.

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