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    Time to stop whining and start coding!
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    But, if the Pre isn't aiming to be an iPhone killer, what's the point? The reality is Palm both wants to reclaim the success of it's past as well as setting the market trends by selling phones. They may not like and attempt to distance themselves from the moniker of "iPhone Killer" but don't kid yourself that being "kind of the hill" isn't their goal.
    The point is to make money. They don't have to kill the Iphone to make money. I'm sure they wouldn't mind killing the Iphone, but that's not even practical- Apple's penetration into the market, combined with the brand loyalty of many of its users almost guarantees that they will continue being a main player in the "smartphone" market. Palm knows this, which is why they've said that they don't want to or need to kill the Iphone.

    Both platforms, and many others, can exist and be profitable in the same space. The whole "_____ killer" thing is pretty played out and mostly a media creation, IMO. I don't think that any one platform will completely dominate, and I think that's a good thing for the consumer.
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    I think this was closed by Dieter and me at the same time but it seems it has gotten back on track in a civil manner too... I am ok with it being productive and on track. Dieter might re-close it... Oddly enough you can talk about the same thing over and over and get productive chatter about it. Interesting,
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    but apple did the samething with the iphone didnt they so it looks like the took it right out of apples play book
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