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    i dropped my pre last night (very first fall) off a pool table and now my keyboard is jacked up! it hit the ground with the bottom left corner and ever since the keyboard has a weird give to it, as if there is a gap between the keys and the phone. if i press lightly on the up arrow and the orange key, i can feel and hear a click sound. i have insurance, but do you think that sprint will replace my phone for free? or will i have to pay the deductible because "it was my fault i dropped it." ????
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    Free, you only pay if it has water damage or if it was stolen
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    awesome, thanks. I was planning on taking it in to Sprint tomorrow regardless, but its good to know the policy in advance!
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    Sorry, that's not correct. It's free if there's a manufacturer defect. The deductible applies to ANY damage caused by you, not just water damage. If you're lucky, maybe the Sprint store will give you break and not call it damaged, but if there's any external sign that it was dropped I think you're out of luck.
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    Technically they will repair and only replace if it isn't repairable. However at this time I'm not aware of any locations that are capable of repairing the pre since it is such a new device they probably have to train the technicians how to repair them. In your case it sounds like all that is really needed is a repair. If other than a little annoying weird give and click sound and it still functions I'd hold out for a repair rather than pay the deductible to replace it.
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    i had kind of an issue like that with the first time i dropped mine, i was able to correct it by squeezing it with some force while the keyboard was slid in & it popped back into place. it took some force, but i wasn't scared to press too hard since i was kind of mad lol. since then the slider has been a little looser than before but works fine
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    Free, you only pay if it has water damage or if it was stolen u only pay the 100 bucks if u have water damage or stolen...everything else is free?

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