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    Mine started turning off after the 1.1 webos update, so I don't know for sure if that's what caused it. It hasn't done this prior to the update. I called Sprint and they are sending me a brand new one, but if it's a software issue somehow, I rather just wait with my original Pre that is only exhibiting this one problem (albeit annoying).
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    All of a sudden I am having this issue. I also feel that it is a software bug since 1.1 was installed. Never had an issue before.

    I forgot to mention that I use a Seidio battery and the regular battery. Problem occurs with both.
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    I never had this problem until after 7/24 when the webOS 1.1 came out. Suddenly starting that night the Pre goes dead even when the battery is always over 70%.

    Press and hold the power button for about 5 second and it does a reset.

    - Craig
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    I've been having this same issue. I went ahead and used the WebOS doctor + put a thick sheet of packing paper or whatever you want to call it into the battery area to tighten the connection. It's been fine since around noon today. If I make it 48 hours, I think I got it beat.
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