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    same problem the op has
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxima2k53 View Post
    take it in to c wuts up with it...maybe a replacement battery or pre is wut you need.
    nah my phone is mostly good build quality otherwise and this issue hasn't happened enough for it to be a concern
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    I had this pretty bad last night, to the point that it would shut off if you tapped on the back. I went home and did the whole paper in the battery trick and so far so good. I love this phone!
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    I have this same problem as well. The battery must be loose. I also have light leaking out, and 6 dead or stuck pixels.... yeah I got screwed. Problem is I bought it off ebay.

    Sprint stores said they cant exchange it. Can Palm assist me?
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    i found tht mine was doing the same thing but turns out when i was putting it in the palm holster with the power button facing down it would happen.. started putting it in with the button facing the top and hasn't happened since
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    mine was doing the exact same thing. Randomly shutting off in my pocket just by walking around and doing normal daily activities. It would also shut off if i closed the slider sometimes. This is due to the battery coming loose and losing its connection. I did rig it up till i can go get the phone replaced. I took the back battery cover off and put a little piece of Styrofoam inbetween the battery and the battery cover. Since i have done that it has not shutoff or reset itself. Andhas saved my battery quite a bit by not having to restart the phone all the time. Hope this helps. It was a daily problem for me and since i did this last week it has not happened once.
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    Mine has now shut down 2 times and neither time was in my pocket, it is sitting on my desk and won't start with the switch.... I pull the battery and it boots fine
    I think it is on but locked up, that is why the button doesn't work, and when I pull the battery cover the battery is tight and the contacts look like they are all making good contact.
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    I also had random shut offs and resets. Went to the Sprint store today and switched out for a new battery without issue. I asked the rep if I could keep my old one, but he said they sending them back to Palm or Sprint. You can tell if you battery is old or new by looking at the hollow or filled in feet of the battery. If the feet are hollow then it's old...filled in is new.
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    I had mine on the charger last night and sometime during the night, Mine randomly shut off. I had an alarm set on the phone to wake me up at 8:30am. Guess what happened? I didn't wake up in time.
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    Mine occasionally will not turn on once I press the power button. After repeated tried and opening the slider, if I press and hold the power button it resets. Not sure whats going on here but it seems like its happening more these days.
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    I have had this issues also. Both with the slider moving and without
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    I believe its the battery getting knocked loose just enough to break contact. Those with this problem, I suggest you try a little drop test. Drop it from a height of 2-3 inches onto your desk (face up, dropping it onto its back). Also try holding it perpendicular to your desk and tapping the bottom edge and top edge against the desk. Mine would always shut down (and not restart) under one of those tests. I ended up stacking 3 thin/small strips of tape along the edge of the battery on the opposide edge form the battery contacts and it's been good since.
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    Mine started randomly shutting off this past weekend. On Saturday it had shut off 5 times before lunch! It didn't seem to matter whether it was open or closed as far as the slider goes. It just went dead - fully charged too. I contacted Sprint today to order my replacement. I should have it in a few days. It's a new phone - it shouldn't do this.
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    Isn't it great to be beta testers for a device that was in no way ready to be released!!
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    this has happened to me numerous times and it's frustrating because it takes forever to boot back up in the first place. i would have my alarm set to wake me up and go to sleep only to wake up LATE and my phone is powered off...WHILE IT'S ON THE CHARGER!!
    I havent even bothered taking it in to be looked at. I'm just so sick of this phone. one problem after another.
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    lately this has been happening to me also. but the weird thing is that it never happened until I updated to 1.1.0. Could there be some kind of bug in the last update? i think i'll wait until the next update to see what happens and if anything i'll exchange it since we have the 1 year warranty thing.
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    I'm really getting tired of how beta this thing is acting. One one hand, I think webos is the best thing to come to portable devices since...ever. But, geez, today every web page mis loads, stopping half way through the load leaving a blank page. Even on simplistic mobile formatted sites. Mine is oreoing more and the random shut-off thing.

    Then, my touchstone decides to just stop working for 1/2 hour.
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    I have had my pre for two days and it happened once. The build quality on mine is great so I do want to swap and get stuck with a dud. Anybody notice the backlight leaks on the screen. Almost like its not lighting the whole screen.. This is really hard to explain and I only notice it on screens that have a black background like youtube.
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    Swapping it for another Pre with the same kind of battery will not help. There is a new battery available that fixes this problem from what I've read. Best thing to do is ask for that battery instead. A quick fix (as already mentioned) is to wedge the battery with thick paper or cardstock. Of course wedge it so it's up firm against the 3 little contacts. That will take care of 90% of these random shutdown issues.
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    After having mine since 6/16 it just started randomly shutting off yesterday, having done it four times already. I don't know if it's a heat-related issue since I spent most of today outside in mid-80 degree temps.
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