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    I just bought my pre about a week and a half ago, and multiple times the clock has been incorrect. The clock gets a few minutes fast, right now it is 7 minutes fast; I power my phone off and then power it back on and the time goes back to the correct time, but it's been incorrect multiple times not just once. The time does not always become incorrect so I don't know what is going on, but it's happened multiple times to make me know something is wrong with my pre. I'm also one of the people with a pre that drains battery life at about 10% an hour, even with GPS and wifi and bluetooth off; it pretty much drains at that rate in standby mode (I charged it to 100% before bed, then I woke up to find that the battery was dead again when I had no apps running).

    Has anyone heard about problems like this, is my pre just defective? I really really really like my pre, but I don't like having a battery that lasts me half a day and a clock that isn't right =[
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    PLEASE search the forums before creating a new thread. This issue has been/is being discussed in multiple existing threads already.

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    I tried searching for them and couldn't find them, can you please link them to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandoncjr View Post
    I tried searching for them and couldn't find them, can you please link them to me.

    Gave you a link in your thread under the Hardware subforum.
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    It's been two and a half weeks since I got my pre and I am now on webOS 1.1. However none of my provelms have been fixed, even after the update I am still experiencing false times on my phone, it reporting the time ahead of what it actually is. I'm also starting to believe that my battery is defective, I have the brightness on the lowest setting and all location services off, gps off, wifi off, bluetooth off, and when my phone is just sitting idle I still lose about 10% battery an hour. My pre drained like this before and after 1.1, so it's not 1.1's "calibration reset" and I heard that conditioning makes the battery better over time but it's been nearly 3 weeks and I would like to know if my phone is defective before the 30 day grace period. Should I take this phone back to the store or will another week of conditioning give me the desired battery life I want?

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