View Poll Results: Are you a Pre-fanatic but have NOT purchased the Pre yet?

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  • Waiting for AT&T/Verizon GSM version

    5 7.25%
  • Waiting for unlocked GSM version

    6 8.70%
  • Waiting for improvements in Sprint version (copy/paste, battery life, etc.)

    33 47.83%
  • Waiting for more apps

    10 14.49%
  • Other (explain)

    29 42.03%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Have you been a Pre-stalker like myself but have yet to purchase the Pre? I am waiting for the GSM version (unlocked or AT&T). What about you?
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    waiting for my contract to expire in september to get a good deal. hoping to see good updates then

    i have a 6.5 Sprint HTCTouch Pro ATM
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    Verizon is not GSM. Your poll will probably yield more meaningful results if it's not too late to add verizon as a separate choice from the AT&T GSM choice. I'm on Sprint, so the poll is not for me (but the title led me in here anyway).
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    have to wait til August 1st... so close and yet will feel like forever... oh well, more time for updates to make it even better
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    also waiting for a couple weeks

    saving up money and seeing if if they add anymore updates in the mean time
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    Currently on Verizon, waiting for my contract to end. I'm going to try the 30 days on Sprint, if the coverage is the same I'll keep it and drop Verizon, if it sucks- I give it all back and switch to praying nightly that Verizon gets the Pre.

    Le Sigh. Technology will be my undoing.
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    Waiting for my birthday in August.
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    I'll say it....

    Waiting on sprint to accept SERO!!!!

    Considering the sad numbers sprint is putting up, I'd guess it is bound to happen sooner or later... or at least some deals that get me close to sero prices....

    If nothing, I'm sure I'll be happy with my palm treo pro and the HTC pro 2 due out sometime this year....

    I'm a loser, I have SERO... sorry you are paying too much.. lol
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    My Verizon contract actually ends tomorrow, but at this point I'm going to wait a month or two for the QC issues to stabilize.

    I'll have to try the reception at home and work before I will switch to Sprint. I don't want to wait for Verizon to release a hobbled Pre with gaudy branding all over it.
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    I'm enormously grateful to all of the diligent, tenacious and generous early users who are identifying and working through problems with the Pre and WebOS. I hope that Palm and Sprint are learning enough from you so that my Pre experience will be easier.

    I'm ready for my first smartphone and have researched for a month. It will definitely be a Pre. I am a Linux user who values openness as well as the potential in the WebOS platform. I've selected the Pre despite the middling reception Sprint offers in my local area, and despite some useful iPhone apps that I wish were on the Pre now.

    BUT: I will not buy my Pre until more of the hardware and software problems are fixed, and until more configurations and settings are clarified. I understand why Palm had to get the thing out the door last month. Moreover, other version 1 devices had their challenges. But it's sobering reading all of the posts about hardware and software problems. I can't afford the time (or potentially money in some cases) to slog through all of them. Also, I'd like to avoid fights with Sprint, whose customer service seems no better than other big phone companies, and worse than some.

    Meanwhile, I'll just wait -- and feel gratitude for all of the users improving my Pre. Thank you.
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    I'm waiting until August to purchase mine. My Instinct contract ended in June, but I wanted to wait for some of the QC issues to iron out as well. I almost broke down and bought it back in June anyway, but the small keyboard scared me off (almost altogether). But I'll definitely be making my purchase either Aug 1 or Aug 5. Hopefully Palm will roll out a virtual keyboard by then....or a 3rd party dev will.
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    I really want a Pre but so far it looks like I will be getting an iPhone instead, mainly because of the storage space, apps (or lack thereof) and a few other small concerns. I've actually been putting off buying anything in hopes that that app store will start to take off because if it does I will probably revisit the idea of getting a Pre. I guess I'm not yet 100% decided one way or the other at this point. I really love the Pre though...
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    Waiting on my contract to end. Hopefully by that time a newer one comes out with a bigger keyboard and video recording.

    Also waiting to see how the Touch Pro 2 is.
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    i'm waiting until i can use the pre on my employee plan. it's horrible talking these up and selling them to customers all day and not being able to have one of my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    I'll say it....

    Waiting on sprint to accept SERO!!!!

    Considering the sad numbers sprint is putting up, I'd guess it is bound to happen sooner or later... or at least some deals that get me close to sero prices....

    If nothing, I'm sure I'll be happy with my palm treo pro and the HTC pro 2 due out sometime this year....

    I'm a loser, I have SERO... sorry you are paying too much.. lol
    Sad numbers??
    As in sad numbers of customers vs the other phone companies?
    Because you cant mean sad number of Pre sales...right??

    I doubt they go SERO with it anytime soon. Sprints long-been losing money by having people on those accounts, hence why they want people on everything data, etc plans rushing with this phone.

    Maybe by end of year at earliest id say...for SERO
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    hearing about the new update is making me probably going to bestbuy on friday!!!
    excited never had a smartphone before...
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    Had Sprint not pulled them from telesales I would be awaiting the arrival of a Pre from somewhere in the bowels of USPS' delivery system instead of a Curve (the supposed overnight delivery is now on its fourth day). However, since I ordered the Curve the announcement of the GMail plugin and the Google Voice plugin for BB have made me less anxious about not getting a Pre right away (I played with a Palm reps one in store before I ended up with the Curve and really loved it). I'm fairly certain that by the end of the summer I will have swapped my Curve for a Pre, but I'm also glad that I'm not jumping on the early adopter bandwagon (I did that with the Q and it's served me faithfully, if not sluggishly for the past three years).

    I know that a lot of the little things that I'm waiting on will be addressed in firmware updates or through third party add ons/hacks (I love that you can hack the pre up - that's one of the things that I actually enjoy about WM), but I figure if someone's asking here's the list of things that would have made me figure out a way to get one even though I couldn't get it through telesales.
    • Hardware QC (I know the demo units of any phone get destroyed but the demo vs. the Palm's rep was such a huge diference, I couldn't imagine actually using the demo phone - the Palm rep's one felt great even without the touchstone back)
    • Flash support (I know its fairly limited on all platforms at this point and that it's coming but if Palm had this at introduction it would have been a huge selling point)
    • Google Maps (Latitude, street view and public transportation routing - I'm moving to NYC in September and this is the one feature - 3rd party, I know - that might make me keep a BB over getting a Pre)
    • Tasks (this is partially another Google one, but I'd love to see an app for Google Tasks, or RTM syncing, something more powerful than the current setup)
    • Syncing All Contacts in Gmail (I have nearly 3k people in All Contacts and yes, I know that I probably won't ever go into the contact browser - I hardly hit it up on my Q - but I know that it's going to slow things down, especially since most of those are just email addresses and no phone numbers)
    • Google Voice (super new but I'd love to see a dialer like the new one for Android phones, or at the very least like the BB one - another Google thing)
    • EAS PIN support (coming soon too)
    • Not necessary but it'd also be great to see support for more social services (especially LinkedIn, since, for me, it tends to have the most accurate phone numbers and email addresses

    By and large, I think that Palm got 80%-90% of things right with the Pre. Most of the remaining issues are things that can be addressed through updates. I am very pleased that Palm seems very receptive and is trying to fully resolve the issues as quickly as possible (without causing more problems with quickly added hacks). I know that at this point I still count myself as a future Pre owner, and am really looking forward to the experience.
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    Waiting for them to offer it online.
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    it's killing me waiting til August 1st for my rebate.
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    waiting to convince the wife
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