View Poll Results: Are you a Pre-fanatic but have NOT purchased the Pre yet?

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  • Waiting for AT&T/Verizon GSM version

    5 7.25%
  • Waiting for unlocked GSM version

    6 8.70%
  • Waiting for improvements in Sprint version (copy/paste, battery life, etc.)

    33 47.83%
  • Waiting for more apps

    10 14.49%
  • Other (explain)

    29 42.03%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Still waiting for Sprint to offer it on the web site.
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    Need to get rid of aircard first... that alone is $200 to cancel. after that i'm getting it.
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    yes im prefanatic. Why are you making threads about me bro?
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    I voted other. my reasons are

    waiting for the full 150 rebate coming to me in august

    also waitng for some extra money to come my way

    and lastly and most difficult obstacle to my getting a pre is the part where I finally convince my wife to let me have it. I feel if I can overcome this obstacle I can probably come up with the money needed.

    I'll wish myself good luck in convincing the wife to let me have my new toy. also good luck to the other one who's trying to convince his lady!
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    I'm not eligible for full discount ($250) or mail-in rebate ($100) until 9/1/09, so I'm stuck with my Centro for another six weeks.

    I tried to finagle a waiver of the extra time, but Sprint Customer Service wasn't budging.

    My roommate, on the other hand, has the PrPrPr, $even$ $though$ $we$ $bought$ $our$ $Centros$ $on$ $exactly$ $the$ $same$ $day$. $He$'$s$ $been$ $with$ $Sprint$ $for$ $10$ $years$, $and$ $me$ &$quot$;$only$&$quot$; $for$ $seven$ $years$.

    I'm a little annoyed by Sprint now, to be honest.
    Jeff Wilder, San Francisco Bay Area
    "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, 'Huh?'" - Buffy Summers

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    I'm waiting until I go back to school in mid August. I go to school in a different city than where I usually live (aka during the summer), and I'd like to actually be close enough to the store to be able to exchange it if I need to (rather than be stuck with the device because the store I got it from is 5 hours away).

    Now I know if I got it at a corporate store I could still exchange it at any other corporate store, but the sprint store in town here is not a corporate I assume that means I wouldn't be able to exchange it (if I had to) in another city...right...right? If all non-corporate stores are in cahoots and work together then that would be great news.
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