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    Recently my Pre which I purchased on the 17th of june, has been experiencing many shutdowns. Often when I close the slider, and just now when i pressed on the screen a certain way. It did this before the 1.04 update and then stopped once I updated it. Now its been doing it again and I am becoming more and more frustrated. Should I go back to best buy and ask for a new one? I'm just worried about returning it and getting one with even worse build quality. So far with mine I have 1 dead pixel and the volume rocker switch seems a little loose. It has minimal play in the slider.
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    I read elsewhere on this forum that some sprint repair techs just bend the pins that make contact with the battery out a little more and that this also solves the problem. I haven't looked at the pins, but maybe the store can do that for you (so you don't risk breaking the pins on your own).
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    I have not, but I wouldn't be satisfied knowing that had to be done, I will probably go return it for a new one. Thanks though
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    yeah mine too has started doing this several times a day for no good reason
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    Mine used to do it, but it never happened when I close the slider. It just sort of happens spontaneously.

    Yet, I fixed it by taking the batter out and putting it back in. If reinserting the battery doesn't help, maybe the paper trick might work

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