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    Well me and my friends decided to go swimming. So when we first got there i put my pre on one of the tables and covered it with a shirt because it was warm and sunny, also cause i heard of the heat problems with smartphones. So i got done swimming and went over to check my phone for any texts. The first thing i heard as i approached my pre was a humming sound, kind of like a "small motor". I was like what is that noice and picked up my pre and it wouldnt turn on. I put my ears closer to the pre and noticed the small motor sound was coming from my pre. I was like wdf are you serious what the hell is this humming sound. So i got kind of scared because my 30 day replacement period ended yesterday and i had no insurance on the phone. So i went home, took out the battery and restarted the phone and somehow it was working fine. It scared the living hell out of me. Has this happened to your phone before, the weird sound?
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    Was it the vibrate? Mine got stuck in a vibrate loop until it turned itself off once.
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    nope it wasnt vibrate. I keep my phone off vibrate and only ringtones
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    Dude you probably almost fried one of your radios. Not sure, but there are only a couple of things that will make noise in a Pre.
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    good stuff
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    that was your pre screaming for help.
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    crazy ******
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    Why would you not get insurance on the Pre.. >_>;
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    ive had insurance on all my last phone needed 7 replacements and they were all for free so im happy with insurance

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