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    At minimum, go ahead and release the e-mail Forward/Reply formatting bug fix so I can use what I already have.
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    Epic FAIL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fraz View Post
    I dont think its coming either. We'll be lucky to get one before Aug.
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    Can we close this now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by L-Boogie View Post
    Epic FAIL.
    Yep. Epic FAIL, just not to the OP who said the update would come out "on or around 7/22". I'd say 7/23 qualifies for that prediction. Nice job to BigChico for his sound information.
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    Here I sit brokenhearted,
    Tried to update.. oh wait.. it's downloading now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Can we close this now?

    lol... quit posting and it won't keep showing up under new posts....

    Darn it, it's back again.
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    pogeypetey, I think you made it come to the top again! LOL
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    Significant addition - this stuff added HAD to be provided otherwise the corporates wouldn't even look at it. But there are one or two other Enterprise adds that must happen

    Well done Palm, now focus completing the enterprise updates such as
    1. Add attendees to meetings (Critical! otherwise can't book meetings!!!)
    2. Show free busy time
    3. Modify meeting alert reminder times (if not already done)
    4. Multiple select to delete emails
    5. Empty email wastebasket option (deleting emails one by one in the inbox and then doing that again in the wastebasket !!!)

    Then add (for the general public)
    1. Screen keyboard (including in landscape)
    2. Landscape in all programs
    3. A media sync program that bests Apple's malware/bloatware iToonz
    4. Video recording
    5. Cut and paste in all programs and make it MORE intuitive
    6. Further improve performance to remove any lingering isues. Looks very bad if it is slow (esepcially when showing friends). The PRE success will depend heavily on word of mouth
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

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