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    I'm fast approaching my 30 day deadline and pondering whether or not I should exchange it. I have a few of the common issues..

    Blotch on one side (patches of white). It's hardly noticable, but I'm wondering if it will get worse over time. And the infamous wiggle...also concerned this will get worse over time.

    As many of you who have decided to live with the issues, I'm scared if I do an exchange it I'll end up with something worse. I've already exchanged it once (dead pixels).

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    Just wait. If the phone breaks down the line it can be replaced via the warranty.
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    My first Pre had a tight wiggle when closed, if that makes sense, but it would also slide off track if I tried to slide it up with my thumb instead of with both hands. I replaced it and got a new phone - the new phone has a much looser wiggle but at least it stays on track.

    I think I am going to hang on to the second one, but like you, I am concerned it will get worse...


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