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    I will preference this by saying I know very little about how any of this works so this could be a very stupid question BUT... I read this post on another forum...

    "I read that with the new OS update coming that it "might" just brick the Pre so guys be careful if you have any HOME BREW APPS installed."

    2nd Post...
    "As i understood why they doing is, cause they dont want to get beat on certain apps that 3rd parties might release, and you are right this just might speculations, but i thought i put up, doesnt mean it is true or false."

    He said he got it from a Sprint forum and will try and find the source.

    My question would be... is this possible and if so would a delete of the Homebrew apps prior to a new software update prevent bricking my phone? OR is there any other way to prevent bricking. I installed some of the homebrew apps via developer mode and 1 via email (don't know if that matters) AND could I safely re-install the apps after the update? Sorry for the stupid questions...I don't know much about how any of this works!!
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    If you follow the instructions, you shouldnt. But since the code you are putting on the Pre is untested by Palm, it could. There is always a risk.

    You should research in the Homebrew section of these forums....which is where this post will probably get moved to.
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    Sorry I should have also said that this is refering to updating to the new webOS 1.1 with Homebrew apps already installed on your Pre. He was saying that it was possible to brick your phone if you already have the homebrew apps installed on your Pre and update to the new 1.1??
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    I'm certainly not taking the risk.
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    Umm, most homebrew apps are based on the same structure (hierarchy) of the ones that came standard with the Pre. Take for instance Classic, which was broken for some after the 1.0.3 update. I dont recall any bricked phones...if anything, it bricked the app.

    Now, if you root your Pre, that's a different story.
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    I HIGHLY doubt it. The apps are installed as any other app is installed, I can't see it bricking your phone, even with the 1.1 update, or any update. Makes no sense, whatsoever.
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    I think that Homebrew apps might have the adverse affect of blowing up the phone if put in the hands of someone who doesn't know what they're doing and these are the same people that will be raising the biggest issues with Palm and Sprint about not getting a replacement, etc. without having to pay for it due to self negligence.

    I don't think they will brick the Pre, but I think they will take a lot at the Homebrew apps that are out there and the ones that could cause the most issues will probably get "put in time out."
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    ... Now, if you root your Pre, that's a different story.
    Clearly, only rooting your Pre will not cause any bricking upon updates. So the above statement (by itself) can be considered false.

    The real issue is mostly where you install and what files you modify. I know rwhitby (same name in and webos-internals IRC) was advocating and developing a method of applying patches via an automated method so they can be uninstalled before a webos update and re-applied afterwards. Since that work is public, Palm should be able to work around properly applied patches. If you install all your homebrew apps in the filesystem mounted on /opt (created during rooting) you are pretty safe that you will not have conflicts. If you change the same files that Palm has changed, it's highly likely that a Palm OS update will just overwrite the files. This might cause your homebrew apps to be broken after install, and has some chance of causing the Pre itself not to work after the update. All I can say, if I were the release engineer at Palm or Sprint, I'd at least sanity test a webos update on a target Pre with typically installed homebrew apps. I would do this simply to minimize the risk of creating additional customer support problems. In such a situation, my bosses might not care about such testing so I wouldn't go overboard in such testing, just enough to hopefully catch and prevent some obvious problems.

    I should also comment on the term "bricking" your Pre. There are degrees of bricking that are possible. If your Pre is bricked due to homebrew app conflicts, running the webos doctor should be able to unbrick your Pre. You would be safest in running the webos doctor (and re-rooting the Pre) before installing WebOS 1.1 when it comes. The other thing you can do (which I recommend) is simply to say no to the update if the OS prompts you to update and then monitor the forums until you learn of others who successfully updated a Pre with the same applications that you have.

    This leaves one more point to address. You might want to back up your Pre's filesystems on some other device (like your laptop). I haven't yet looked into doing this myself, but it could probably be done using scp or rsync (on a rooted Pre).

    My point in all of the above is just to be as factual as possible in hopes that explaining this will reduce fear. Given this, I certainly understand being fearful about what you don't know. If you fall into the fearful camp, I'd recommend running the doctor to bring your device back to factory or not installing homebrew apps. For the rest of you, I hope the above might have reduced some of your fears.

    EDIT: Let me add, if you're the type of person who has hand-edited files on your Pre, these are the sorts of changes that are likely to have the highest risk of failing. If you are simply unstalling webos applications, you are pretty safe.
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    any untested app could potentially brick a phone or just make it slower, hog memory etc
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    Personally, I'm not terribly worried. I don't think it'd "brick" the pre for a number of reasons. Yea, maybe they'd remove non-Palm approved apps, but they wouldn't kill the device...what sort of outcry would that cause? Palm and Sprint certainly don't need any bad PRPRPR $right$ $now$, $and$ $it$ $would$ $behoove$ $them$ $to$ $not$ $alienate$ $the$ $developer$ $community$ $either$. $Now$, $if$ $they$ $went$ $down$ $this$ $avenue$ $of$ $removing$/$blocking$ $sideloaded$ $apps$ $once$ $the$ $SDK$, $support$ $documents$ $and$ $App$ $Catalog$ $access$ $were$ $available$ $to$ $the$ $greater$ $public$, $that$'$d$ $be$ $a$ $different$ $story$.

    Lastly, the phone has proven itself easy to manipulate. Even if the wild suggestion of the OP was correct and this "bricked" phones with homebrew apps, it'd be easy to fix and recover your phone using the WebOSDoctor.
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    I have almost all of the home brew apps installed and my pre is running just fine. These apps are essentially the same as installing any app on the palmos platform. You never know when one might mess up but I think the webos is a hell of a lot more stable then the palmos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    I HIGHLY doubt it. The apps are installed as any other app is installed, I can't see it bricking your phone, even with the 1.1 update, or any update. Makes no sense, whatsoever.
    I'd have to agree. I don't see the app's you install bricking your phone. I don't know if there's a Dev out there that has or could answer this. What are your thoughts.
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    i dunno about updating while having homebrew apps on will do anything. But as for just installing on 1.1, i'm 99% sure it won't brick the pre because the emulator is on 1.1 right now and it hasn't done anything to the emulator, so i highly doubt anything will happen.

    If anything, just uninstall everything and reinstall after you update. I saved all the homebrew apps in a folder so I can easily check how many I have and it is organized.
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    LOL @ HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript bricking a phone.
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    Bricking the Pre at this point is a bit of a misnomer anyway, because I haven't seen any issue that can't be fixed by webOS doctor. I mean, it's not like we're talking custom ROMs or anything yet here.

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