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    So Google announced that on Wednesday they would be offering Google voice apps for both android and blackberry, with iPhone to follow. This is supposed to fully integrate the service into the smartphone including outbound calls.

    I pray that they have something in the works for the Pre. This would make it the ultimate phone.

    Update: Here is a link to the story
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    The Android version is going to rock. The BlackBerry version won't be too far behind, but the iPhone without background processing (unless they do push notifications for calls), isn't going to be as good.

    For the Pre, I would love to see how that comes out, if it ever does come out.
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    I wonder how hard will it be to port the code over for use on a Pre?

    I also hope it has an on-screen dialer and intergrates with the Pre's contacts (not just the Google ones) since some of us may have contacts from EAS or Facebook that doesnt sync with Google.
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    I am sure that Google will release it for WebOS. WebOS is going to be too big to ignore soon enough. The Pre has already sold a good bit of phones, probably close to a 1/2 million by now. Google Voice would be great for my wife, as she is starting some planning for starting her own business.
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    I heard a rumor that upgrade version 1.2 will come with the implantable brain chip that lets you think of the person's name and it will dial it for you

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