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    Hey another quick Q.

    can someone tell me about the gestures area on the palm pre? ive seen people use it briefly in videos but they never explained it. so can someone sum it up for me? what do the gestures do and what are all the features the gesture area lets you do? sorry for my wording of this question.
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    This information is readily available in the numerous reviews out for the phone already. Gestures are basically "gestures" you can perform with your finger in the gesture area of the screen that executes different tasks. For example, upwards swipe from the gesture area onto the screen brings up the launcher. Leftwards swipe from the center button performs a back command. Full Swipes left or right on the gesture area switches between your open cards if you have advanced gesturing on.

    Gestures that don't include the gesture area are an upwards swipe on a minimized card to close it, left or right swipe in music ap to skip songs, etc.

    You really should do some searching before asking these kind of questions though. The front page is loaded with information on the phone including info about the gestures. People worked hard to put them there man, don't let that work be for naught !
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    First welcome to PreCentral! We are always happy to help!

    I understand that you have found videos on Gestures by probably using Google but like so many need a summary.

    If you click Search here instead of using Google, you so often will get your answers right here.

    In this case the first search result is the: Tips and Tricks.

    There you wil find the link to Palm's Gesture tutorial that is actually very good:
    Palm Pre Gestures

    The page number is also given for Gestures in the manual:
    Palm Pre Maunal

    There are 250 other Tips and Tricks. Each was added because of a question just like yours.

    - Craig
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    I don't think the OP even has a Pre yet. At least that's what he said in one of his posts :-/
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    Your best bet is to check out the manual, you can find it on google or Palm's website as they have a pretty comprehensive list.

    Essentially there are a couple of things you can do with gestures:

    Go back
    Change app to the left or right
    Open the launcher / minimize current card.

    Thats about it. Nothing earth shattering or anything but nice.
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