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    Has anyone had problems doing a search with Amazon mp3? If you follow the directions from the pre user guide (pg. 123), nothing happens when you press "Enter". If you don't get any results, it directs you press "See all" at the bottom of the screen under the Artists, Albums prprpr $Song$ $section$. $No$ $button$ $exists$ $under$ $the$ $list$ $of$ $those$ $terms$. $The$ $Sprint$ $salesperson$ $at$ $the$ $local$ $store$ $tried$ $it$ $on$ $the$ $floor$ $model$ $pre$ $and$ $got$ $the$ $same$ $results$. $A$ $call$ $to$ $Sprint$ $support$ $just$ $led$ $to$ $a$ $phone$ $number$ $for$ $Palm$ $support$ $who$ $yesterday$ $told$ $me$ $to$ $Contact$ $Amazon$ $mp3$.

    BTW, I had registered with Amazon with no difference. I had the Wifi on, too.
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    when you open the app, is there a cursor in "search" and a green bar that says "new & notable" under the search bar, but that section is empty - then under that is another green bar "top 100" - then under that - new releases - albums - artists - songs ?

    when i first accessed the amazon store (yesterday), everything was grayed out and nothing would happen when i searched. The only thing different is now I have wifi turned on (the phone has not been rebooted)

    which artist are you looking for? I can post a screenshot or 2 of what my screen looks like if that would help.
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    it seems that you see what I see. I used the first song and an artist w/ short names I could think of to quickly key-in at the sprint store. "beat it" and "Jet" not necessarily what i'd purchase
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    here's what i get with "beat it" and "jet"

    (assuming sprint doesnt have the rights to michael jackson??..)

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    You got farther than I did. You mind listing the steps you took to get there?
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    opened it

    when it opens, everything is grayed out, then it "loads" i guess and then it turns to color like you see here - i assume this is where u get stuck?

    i just typed jet and hit enter on the keyboard

    then here are the results
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    here's when its gray, notice the top left corner says "sprint" then in the colored picture it says "amazon". Also i just noticed that the "new and notable" section now shows album art, when before it didnt.. weird.. i guess i just didnt let it load long enough before searching (?)

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    "i just typed jet and hit enter on the keyboard ! That's it! Me and the sprint store salesperson were pressing the Enter arrow to the right of the Search bar. That explains why nothing happened. I pressed the Enter key on the keyboard and got the same results as you did.

    Thank you, evilsandwich. This made my day.
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    lol glad it was that simple.

    it took 5 hours for me to get the pre active on my account - 2 hours of that was because the rep on the phone typed the ESN wrong. simple things cause headaches
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    anyone know how to redownload songs from the mp3 store?? I bought two songs without transferring them to my computer then got a new pre and the songs aren't there. It kinda sucks to think that i bought those songs for nothing.
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    Man I'm glad you figured that out. I was going to ask if you hit "return" on the keyboard.
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    Unfortunately, you can't redownload songs from Amazon after you've purchased them... so you might be out of luck. That's an Amazon policy, not a Palm or Sprint thing.

    Songs aren't backed up via the little backup icon on the pre. That stuff (& pics) need to be backed up using the USB connection. If you still have the old pre, you can re-activate it and grab the files over USB... but IMHO, that's more trouble than the $2 it will cost to redownload the songs

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