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    when i had to return my pre i contacted sprint and IS, IS sent me another one for shipping cost of 4 bucks and Sprint gave me a credit of 25 bucks for the cost of the IS since my phone was defective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuhawksr1 View Post
    Thanks for the kudos! Trust me, BB won't be out a thing and there are plenty of competitive options to IS that can replace them if they choose to pull out of the giant corporation sales channel due to consumer return practices.
    Glad to see the education you got at KU. I think this Country is in trouble if that is what is being taught in the Heartland!

    If you are just a Redneck fan, that's another thing......
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneRyno View Post
    The IS has a lifetime warranty so it is my understanding that any reason whatsoever you need to replace it they do so for free less S&H. Can you use retail outlets to get the replacement under warranty and avoid the S&H?
    They say on their website (and phone, I talked to them) that they'll replace it if it gets damaged while protecting your phone, or if you have to get your phone repaired.

    If you buy from ZAGG, you have to go through ZAGG for replacement. If you buy from BB, you can go to BB for replacement, and you might be able to go through ZAGG also (if you register on their website). Buying from ZAGG automatically registers your product.
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