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    How do one remove or delete 911 from the Emergency Call button on the Palm Pre? When the phone is in the lock mode because of this button, I find the phone constantly call 911. I would like it remove this functionality(911 call button shortcut) and only when dialing 911 manually, it should work. Help.
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    I'm fairly certain they are required to provide it by law? I think it should require a swipe left to right or some combination of that to activate it though or perhaps even a confirmation prompt? I find that I end up hitting it about once every other day or so with my thumb by accident. Luckily because the phone app is somewhat delayed/sluggish I can generally cancel it before it puts the call through.
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    I wasn't sure what you meant because I do not have pin/password protection enabled. If you don't enable pin/password protection, the button doesn't appear. Guess you knew that... Here is another thread on this issue:

    Emergency Call Button - Palm Pre Forums

    The iPhone requires one to dial 9-1-1, so it's not required by law.

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