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    I really look forward to the new thread you create for the 6th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    I'm on #7 so you don't have the record. All 7 have had some screen issues.
    Why in the world would you keep going back to the same model phone if you've had that many problems?

    I surely wouldn't have that much patience. By the way, I'm on phone #1, got it on launch day. Guess I got lucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMethos View Post
    I don't see one person having all these bad pres, I just don't believe it and this is coming from a person with a pre with a bubble
    Well, I'm on my 5th as well, but this one seems to be fine so far. 1st had the slide shutdown, 2nd had screen discoloration, 3rd a bubble, 4th a bubble (same spot, top right corner).

    But congrats on sticking with your defective Pre. You're a trooper.
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    I'm on my first which I got on launch day. My sister and brother-in-law also have their launch day Pre's. All have a little screen wobble but nothing serious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    I'm on my first pre. Got it on launch day. 1 red pixel (don't know if that means it's stuck or dead). My slider has a very tiny amount of play. No plans to try to replace it.
    Same here. (No red pixel though)
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    My launch day Pre was excellent... Just a smidge of wiggle, slight stuck pixel(s) only visible during start up... the only kicker was signal in my home... I took it back as I couldn't decide within the 30-days. I am going to revisit this later as I may be moving within the next 90 days. I loved it and miss it dearly.
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    by "dead pixels" do you mean the white/blue/yellow blotches in the screen? As far as i know, 90% of all Palm pres have blotchy spots on their screens, visible when looking at a solid background and tilting the phone sideways so you see the screen at an angle.. but not really visible when looking at the screen head-on
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    My first pre had a stuck green pixel at the bottom of the screen. It also had a bubble under the screen in the top left but didn't effect the picture. My new pre is perfect.

    A dead pixel is one that doesn't display a color at all just looks like a gray spot. A pixel that shows a color is a stuck pixel. Both are just as bad since you really can't get a stuck pixel to stopped being stuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AcousticBruce View Post
    I have had 5 phones.

    1st had 3 dead pixels.
    2nd one kept resetting randomly and dead pixels.
    2nd had dead pixels
    3rd had dead pixels and horrible dropped calls.
    4th same reason.
    5th... i think this one is the best so far. No dead pixels and it comes in better.

    Just wondering if I have a record for defect returns?

    I really love this phone though. I see some great stuff coming soon.
    No, you tied me. I am on my 5th. I even think there might have been a few with 6th.

    1st had big white blotches on bottom of screen. It washed out the bottom of the screen.
    2nd had more than 5 dead pixels
    3rd had incredibly bad light leakage and some dead pixels. (I sent pictures to Palm and they told me to return it. Sprint said it was bad.
    4th was the worse. Had the orea effect, a few dead pixels, and oh yeah, I could hear anybody through the headset. I could only get calls through bluetooth and speakerphone.

    After that I was scared.

    Finally I got the 5th, and knock on wood, this seems to be the best one yet.

    Hopefully no one else will have the problems we did.
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