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    I was in the sprint Store the other day, I love my phone i have it configured to where the battery lasts the time that i need it to, about 13 hours 30-45% left, using everyday functions such as tweed, sms, accuweather, about 10 calls etc... anyway, i just noticed after 1.04 i started experiencing the slider shut off crap.. well, i went into the store the other day, and i ask has there been a recall on the battery or were they issuing the retrofitted batteries, the rep tells me he has no clue what i am talking about, asks me to sign the waiver so the tech can look @ it, i tell him no, b/c i do not want to give up my phone especially since i have it configured the way i like it.... anyway, he goes to the back and they start searching on the computer, im watching him and the tech, well he comes back and says... "Palm says it is a known issue and they will be issuing a fix soon"

    has anybody else heard this, i dont think my phone has the slider issue, b/c it just shuts down @ random times its just the majority of the shut downs occur during a slide close motion
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    I don't know what you're asking or talking about.
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    i think the OP's talking about defective batteries. Look out for the A batteries.. D ones i hear need to be replaced.
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    I was refering to the battery/slider issue, sprint rep says Palm has a fix coming for it... has anybody else heard this or was he giving me some horse$#!+
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    The way to know if a Sprint Employee is lying is when his mouth is moving.
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    never heard anything about this
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    This info is all over the place guys. If you are having an issue of tthe phone restarting when the slider is closed then sprint is replacing the battery with a slightly larger one. As short term fix fold up some paper and stick it between the batt and the back cover.
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    i bought 2 phones, and one i had to do the paper method on the battery to keep it from shutting down. called palm last week and got a new batt delivered yesterday. call 877 426 3777. need to get it passed the first level of support as they will want you send in your phone. the second tier support will check you batt id# and let you know if it is a defect.

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