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    A few thoughts...

    Since I came off of a two year stint with a 755 that I used the heck out of, it took me almost two weeks to stop feeling around the top-right-back of my Pre to find the stylus.

    Until Dataviz follows up with software to create, I still go back and forth between my 755 and my Pre - so from time to time I'm still struck dumb by the stylus thing. My 755 has turned into the total notebook.

    I've also noticed that when I get in front of an irritating person - I have to fight the urge to push their belly button, place my thumb on their forehead and swoosh them out of my life...

    one more thing.

    i was a sad enough character when i had the 755 touchscreen and somebody handed me a phone, i.e., daughter texting sweetheart while sweetheart is driving & sweetheart hands me her phone to respond (huh?). I habitually kept trying to manipulate her screen, and got frustrated with the tiny whacko keyboard thingee and small screen - helplessly frustrated that I couldn't operate a stupid phone. My 755 did pretty much everything for me except type.

    The the Pre came along. Now operating the basic phone, for me, is like trying to fly a helicopter - I can't find anything...

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