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    When I go to 'share' a website, my only option is to email.

    Why is that? Shouldn't we be able to text a link? Is there a way?

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    Scroll to the top of the webpage until you get the address bar at the top then tap it to select the text and copy it. You can then paste that into text message
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    I wish there was a fast scroll to the address bar like the iPhone has. Just tap the top and it immediately scrolls to the address bar area.
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    That would be nice... There's been quite a few times I've scrolled down some LONG pages only to scroll all the way back to the top to get the address for someone...
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    This is one of the features that is missing that my blackberry had. There is an option to forward a webpage via email like you mentioned but not via SMS. I'd think it could be easily added and it is one of the things I sent to palm as a request via there feedback link shortly after I got the phone.

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