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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Not a very healthy relationship if you're hiding things from your partner.
    Thanks Dr. Phil
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    This is nudie girlfriend pics he doesn't want to share with anyone(but hold onto in case they break up, at which time he will share with anyone who wants to look!). :P
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    I suspect you are right about the create date. That seems to be how ringers work. Personally I find that an annoyance as i would have expected the ringers to be alphabetical. *shrug* It is a petty annoyance though and I deal.
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    does evernote store pics??
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    We covered this, but on like release day 2. No way to do it right now. Just hope Resco (or anybody) puts out a 3rd party picture manager. Not sure why Palm never implemented a simple folder password system for pictures and video, but since they didn't do it with the Treos, I assume doing it on the Pre wasn't on the list either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinT View Post
    does evernote store pics??
    Yes. This was going to be my suggestion. Upload from your computer or Pre to Evernote (a wonderful free app in the App catalog). Then, with your fast EVDO connection on Sprint, you can download and view those naughty pics anytime you want, but yet not have them stored on your phone. I keep some important work docs that I need access to on Evernote for that very reason.
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    Psh, just show them to the parents and watch the hilarity ensue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gepeder View Post
    Thanks Dr. Phil
    Any time
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    I would agree that this functionality is needed. People frequently want to play with my phone and I'd like to be able to control what they can and can't see/do when they have it.
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    I'm with you man This and so many other basic functions should have been on here from day one. Dont get me wrong I love this phone just wish they would have taken a bit more time to add the apps that were already heavily used on the treo's. Good luck!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlou View Post
    I think he's hiding things of his partner from her parents. I'd say that's plenty healthy!

    I think you are right
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
    .... I'm not sure I have a seen a phone with privacy ratings on pics which would be a pretty cool feature.

    I've seen and had the feature on "dumb" phones years ago.. I wish it was a feature on all phones
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    sounds like you want to have access to them when you want... take them off the Pre put them in a word doc, and there ya go, nobody that picks up your phone would think to look in a word doc for anything incriminating
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    Would be nice. Looks like we may have too pay for another should basic feature
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    i agree with the password protected pics... cell phones always seem to capture more drunken or spur of the second pics (especially now that the phone has a half descent camera... i took almost 200 pics the first month) that you might just not want your bestfriend seeing when you let him play with your cell phone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Not a very healthy relationship if you're hiding things from your partner.


    /edit: to add content, I also agree that storing them under a folder on Gmail (or any other webmail service) and ensuring the password is not something easy and is not shared, it would be the easiest and most convenient choice.

    And only you can access them; from anywhere and on basically anything.
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    How about using your picturemail account? Sprint will allow you to create albums online and you can store the naughty photos there. Plus if the pics are being sent to you, they'll go there anyways so you don't ever have to technically download them to your Pre.
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    that would be a good app.
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    I just hacked into your Pre dude. Not bad: thanks for the heads-up. I will share them soon since you're so stingy.
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    I say just show your girl or parents the pictures in question. If they don't like then, tell them you won't put them on your Pre. If they do, you're good to go.
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