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    Read sixth post. Please

    any ideas?
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    nvm it works now, idk what happened
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    you didn't say how you did it?
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    update, obvious once I did search ignore that post
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    Quote Originally Posted by lmaglione View Post
    you didn't say how you did it?
    There is alot of info about tethering in the WebOS Development forum. Alot of great people in there have pretty much got the whole process stream-lined and easy to do.
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    Yeah, ok I have a new problem though... It was working fine last night at my house.

    I'm on the road now with full bars.. We're driving to Tn and I try and connect like I did last night and it says connecting(identifying...) then it goes to connected(limited connectivity)

    And I can't go online.

    Anyone know why?

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    ok nvm! With the wifi tethering you(at least I did for it to work) was to have the pre plugged in through usb.

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