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    Excellent commercial. Hopefully with a few more like this, people will forget about the horrible commercials straight from Palm...

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    Palm should have let sprint handle the advertizing.
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    Excellent ad which in only 30 seconds:

    * Shows off the slider form factor and hardware keyboard

    * That it can multi-task

    * That it saves a hella lot of money

    ...all with humor (space donuts, the guy getting rained on) and style.

    Compared to the Shaolin dancers in orange and the annoying, smug Canadian chick, these are superlative ads. She is so annoying, I want to punch her when I see the ad. I own a Pre and the Palm ads make want to never buy one!

    What's odd is Mr. Apple may've brought his industrial design smarts with him, but he neglected to notice how the marketing of Apple's products worked. Then should kill the lame Tarsem ads NOW and let Sprint handle the marketing because they are so different in tone and quality that they're causing confusion in the potential customers.

    UPDATE: I was talking to my g/f about the ads and when I mentioned the Creepy Girl ad, she blurted, "I hate that ad! It's annoying and sucks!" She's been listening to me babbling "Palm Pre this....Palm Pre that..." since CES and thinks it's pretty cool, but if Palm thinks these ads are going to draw in women, they're smoking something funny.
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    The new commercial played yesterday (7/16) during USA Network's show, Burn Notice. The more interesting thing that I hadn't seen before is that near the end of the show they had a little blurb about Burn Notice. It was an announcer talking and on the screen is a picture of a room with a big blue couch/sitting area with a Palm Pre in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The announcer says "brought to you by the Palm Pre" without mentioning Sprint and I didn't see a Sprint logo anywhere on the screen. So I guess the Palm Pre is sponsoring Burn Notice.

    I didn't see anyone use a Palm Pre in the episode.
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