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    Well, I've been using SugarSync for over a year now and can't live without it.

    I love having all my files synced over several computers. The iPod Touch (or iPhone) app is pretty cool, but there's nothing for the Pre, yet. My email to their customer service got just this reply:

    "I understand from your message that you want to know if there a version of SugarSync for Palm Pre.

    Unfortuntely, we do not have SugarSync mobile application for WebOS at this time.
    We are working on SugarSync Mobile for other phones. In the meantime, you can access your computers at from any phone’s web browser."

    Anyone tried to use the mobile site? The Pre doesn't seem to recognize the Word Docs I have up there when I click on them. SugarSync just lets you email the files to someone (i.e., yourself). You can't do much else.

    Just venting, I guess.....

    Any others in the same boat?
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    Same boat here. Love Sugarsync (when the service isn't down) but no signs of a Pre app. Getting rather disturbing seeing all the Android apps popping up but not Pre. Could be a bad sign.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    I love Sugarsync too. We all need to keep bugging Sugarsync to create a webOS app. It can't be that hard.

    just got my Pre+ 2 days ago and I love it!
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    I received this email from Sugarsync when I asked them about an App for webOS.

    We are not currently actively working on that platform. We are watching the traction of the new Palm devices and will make a move into the platform based on how many users are attracted to it. Having our current customers express interest directly to us definitely help the cause.
    In the mean time, you can still access all your files and photos on the go using your Palm OS device by simply pointing its browser to (note that the address starts with "m" and not with "w")

    Because of this response, I'm thinking of switching to Zumodrive. The only problem is that I have "earned" 5GB of free storage on Sugarsync from referrals and now I'll only have 2GB free with Zumodrive.

    More Sugarsync/webOS users need to contact Sugarsync and request a webOS app!
    "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing" > "Works like nothing else"

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    Beware Sugarsync. SS manager deleted 5 years of pics from my hard drive and it didn't appear in the Trash folder. When i contacted SS, they said it was my fault as I must have renamed a folder but I hadn't. Luckily i had everything backed up but it was frightening for a moment.

    Don't rely on Sugarsync for your sole backup. Just a friendly warning.
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    I am currently using sugarsync and i find it pretty cool. Here (webOS client . Archive (303) . Feature Request . Forum . SugarSync Community ) you can add your personal request for an official webos client. If many people will add comments asking for an app maybe they will create it!
    So .... go there and write a comment!

    PS. If anybody wants to try sugarsycn, you can use this ( ) referral. It will give us both some extra space!
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    There doesn't seem to be much overlap between SugarSync/'d figure someone would be working on a Synergy Connector by now...

    Maybe with the shift to open source, we'll have access to some of the code used for the existing file-based connectors....

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